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Solutions Online - Water Issues and News

Solutions Online - Water Issues and News

Overcoming Global Barriers to Water Reuse

Six global roundtables with some of the top industry leaders produce four major recommendations to help advance water reuse and build a more sustainable future ... Read More

Asia’s Water Crisis…and Opportunity

For developing Asia, planning around the scarce availability of fresh drinking water will require a shift in focus from supply- to demand-type solutions, as it faces the perfect storm of rapid urbanization, industrialization and population growth ... Read More

Sustainability – Resources for the Next Generation, and the Next

The concept of sustainability across communities and larger regions has been gaining momentum in recent years as concerns take hold regarding the long-term availability of water, the cost ... Read More

Holistic Thinking Required for Energy & Water Projects in the GCC

This excerpted interview, which originally appeared in Global Business Reports, focuses on his insights into the GCC energy markets, as well as the broader global energy picture. Alami is based out of Black & Veatch’s office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ... Read More

Conveying Flows of Water . . . and Information

Moving water hundreds of miles to where the population needs it requires skills and techniques to keep disruptions to a minimum, along with a large infusion of communications. Water conveyance represents ... Read More

12 Ways the Public Benefits in a Public-Private Partnership

In many countries across the globe, various sectors – such as toll roads, parking garages and airports – have embraced the concept of public-private partnerships (PPPs) since it provides essential capital while meeting a public need. There are multiple public benefits for a government ... Read More

Water, Gas and Electric Utilities Find Value in Asset Management

Gas, electric and water utilities have several striking similarities. Each provides an important service to its customers. Each is required to do so in a safe and reliable manner. And, in many parts of the world, each are dealing with the challenge of aging infrastructure – particularly as it relates to ... Read More

Scotland Aims to be a World-Leading Hydro Nation

The Scottish government has set out its vision to develop Scotland into a world-leading hydro nation as a means of integrating sustainability into its infrastructure ... Read More

‘Father of BNR’ Continues His Pursuit of Improved Water Treatment

Dr. James L. Barnard is the winner of the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize for 2011, presented during the Singapore International Water Week. Barnard is known globally as the Father of ... Read More

Reducing Water Loss In Hong Kong

Hong Kong meets 20 to 30 percent of its water demand from local sources, making the control of leaks in the distribution system vital ... Read More

Water Utilities Grapple with Non-Revenue Water

Non-revenue water is a huge issue for water utilities around the world. It represents a mix of not only leaks in the distribution system, but leaks of data and information from challenges with meter reading and billing, as well as theft from illegal connections. Read More

Unlocking Innovation — Advancing the Water Industry

Findings from “Unlocking Innovation”, a white paper from Black & Veatch and the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), reveal that there are five key factors to consider when developing new solutions for complex water issues ... Read More

Balancing Water Demands In Vietnam

The Phuoc Hoa Water Resources Project is enabling sustainable water use in rapidly developing areas around Ho Chi ... Read More

Water Catchment Management: Looking at the Big Picture

When it comes to water catchment management, the UK water industry has traditionally managed different aspects of its domain with different people and techniques. Partly prompted by the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and partly by individual challenges ... Read More

Water Utilities Set Their Sights on Energy Savings

Across the globe, a number of dynamics, such as new technology, financial pressures and changing community outlooks, are impacting businesses large and small. The demand to do more with less has never been greater. This new operating reality also holds true for water utilities ... Read More

Flood Management: When Less Can Be More

In an age of austerity in which public funding for flood defences is being stretched as far as possible, the question of whether there are ways of cutting expenditures and providing a more sustainable future must be posed. The answer, fortunately, is yes, in the right circumstances ... Read More

Making the Colorado River Sustainable for Seven States

Officials are studying different options for solving water issues in the Southwestern U.S., including expanded use of a desalting plant ... Read More

24 Years Later: A Look at Water Privatisation in England and Wales

In England and Wales, the provision of water and wastewater services was moved from the public to the private sector in 1989. This change was part of a broader government strategy, which also encompassed the telecom and energy sectors, to privatise the ownership and management of ... Read More

Water Utilities Seek Solutions to Aging Workforce Challenges

Water utilities around the globe are facing a variety of operational challenges. The addition of new technologies and the race to shore up aging infrastructure joins another significant issue ‰ÛÒ the aging water workforce ... Read More

GIS Forms the Backbone for Ultra-Complex Environmental Program

Multi-faceted political forces. Environmental concerns. Economic realities. Agricultural impacts. Social challenges. Water scarcity. Those are just some of the issues at play on the Delta Habitat Conservation & Conveyance Program (DHCCP) and Bay Delta Conservation Plan ... Read More

Asset Management Expertise Helps Utilities Become More Effective

The U.S. water industry is looking at global best practices in asset management. This is according to Black & Veatch‰Ûªs 2013 Strategic Directions in the U.S. Water Industry report. Data indicated that the U.S. industry is in the early stages of further understanding and applying the concept and ... Read More

Collaborative Thinking Sparks Drive Toward Water Sustainability

Lying just north of the equator, nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, more than 5 million people share the small island of Singapore, a city-state of limited natural resources that has grown into a shining example of modernity and economic success. No more so is this evident than when it comes to water ... Read More

Tapping the Power of Water

Water is the leading renewable energy source used by electric utilities to generate power, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Renewable sources, such as wind, solar and hydropower, make up about 11 percent of the United States energy grid ... Read More

Water Reuse: A Viable Solution to a Growing Challenge

The Bundamba Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brisbane, Australia, is part of the largest recycled wastewater project in the Southern Hemisphere ... Read More

New Orleans Hurricane Protection System Put to the Test

Almost exactly seven years to the date that Hurricane Katrina struck the U.S. Gulf Coast, Hurricane Isaac took aim at New Orleans in August 2012. When Katrina struck in 2005, it left more than 1,800 people dead along the Gulf Coast and caused $81 billion in damages ... Read More

Storm Water Redesign Improves Scottish Coast

Discussion of engineering projects, especially between engineers, often moves swiftly from “why” to “how.” A project’s raison d’être can be overlooked in favour of analysing how the outcome was achieved. As engineers finish one project ... Read More

Innovative Mining Processes Prompt Need for New Water Resources

Mining and water have a love-hate relationship. Mining relies on water, but water can be a nuisance in mining operations, especially when it starts showing up in mine shafts deep below the earths ... Read More

Water Facilities Generate Their Own Power

Renewable energy is a natural fit at water and wastewater treatment plants. Facilities across the globe are exploring solar, wind, biogas and hydro as ways to offset high electrical costs and even contribute to the power grid ... Read More

Reservoir Storage Needs Will Increase as World Population Grows

With thousands around the globe, dams play an integral part in providing the world with irrigation, hydropower, flood control and water supply. In tackling water scarcity challenges, the role of dams ... Read More

Charitable Organizations Seek to Bring Water to Those Who Lack

Three-year-old Maria lives in Chinda, a municipality in Honduras. Maria has never had to taste dirty water. This fact may not seem significant, but this is not the case ... Read More

The Power of Marine Energy

Now on the cusp of commercial development, marine energy harnesses the natural movement of bodies of water. Growing energy demand increases the need for reliable and renewable power sources. The marine energy sector is working toward commercially viable ways ... Read More

Water Industry Seeks Ways to Reduce Energy Usage

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” In this line from an oft-quoted poem, an ancient mariner laments the irony of being in the middle of the ocean without potable ... Read More

Aging Water Infrastructure: From Out of Sight to Top of Mind

Once buried issues, potentially crippling effects of aging water infrastructure have started to come to the surface. Every year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates about a quarter-million water main breaks occur across the United States, threatening safe water supplies ... Read More

Setting the Standard For UK Water Asset Management Success

A strong correlation exists between AMPAP and PAS 55 ... Read More

Water Scarcity

Although water covers 70 percent of our planets surface, less than one-half of a percent is freshwater currently available for our use. In short, water is scarce for many of Earths inhabitants. It’s a growing, global problem that’s having an impact on virtually all continents ... Read More

Long-Term Water Planning Helps Communities Prosper

Today’s water, wastewater and water resource managers face new and intricate challenges: water scarcity, unacceptable levels of pollution, environmental sustainability, aging infrastructure and a ... Read More

Smart Water Technology: Benefits, Challenges & Steps for Utilities

The use of smart infrastructure in the water industry — including advanced metering infrastructure, or AMI — is growing. Earlier this year, Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicted that U.S. water utilities will spend $2 billion on smart metering infrastructure through 2020, a clear indication that the ... Read More

Top Water Issues Addressed Through Asset Management

The need for asset management continues to grow within the U.S. water industry. However, one of the more surprising results from a recent industry survey is the general lack of of awareness of available asset management frameworks. All of the four major frameworks used ... Read More

Municipalities Have Many Options in a Public-Private Partnership

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are a bit like snowflakes – no two are alike. In fact, for municipalities looking at alternative forms of funding for capital projects, there are a multitude of options that can make any arrangement a custom fit for the particular situation ... Read More

Moving Asset Management into a Strategic Business Approach

Asset-intensive sectors, such as utilities, are seeking solutions to a number of interdependent and convergent challenges. These include increasing stakeholder and customer service expectations; ageing infrastructure; resilience of critical asset systems; and ... Read More

Gaps in Water Financing Now More Pronounced Than Ever

Only one-third of water utilities in the U.S. have in place a revenue or rate structure that covers all of the components necessary for a financially sound business operation. Furthermore, over 60 percent indicated their organization requires an annual ... Read More

The Three R’s for the Water Industry: Reduce, Reuse, Recover

Sustained drought across much of the western half of the United States has brought heightened awareness to issues around water scarcity and water supply. Now, perhaps more than ever, utility leaders must lead efforts to ... Read More

Water Utilities Increase Intelligence in Systems

A water utility manager visited a power plant and was amazed at what he saw. A single person – the power plant manager – was operating the entire facility. The water utility manager asked how this could be achieved for his water/wastewater treatment facilities. The answer ... Read More

Fast-Track Flood Alleviation Project Completed

Black & Veatch professionals were central to the fast-track completion of a UK flood alleviation works ‰ÛÒ delivered at a sometimes exhausting pace ‰ÛÒ prompting a visit from British Prime Minister David Cameron. Prime Minister Cameron met with leaders involved in the Somerset Levels flood ... Read More

Tackling the Difficult Choices for Today’s Water Utility

At the macro level, solutions to widespread water industry challenges seem simple: invest more in infrastructure, save more water, keep customers happy. But, as the recent Black & Veatch Strategic Direction: U.S. Water Industry report shows, when it comes to ... Read More

Q&A: Insights into GCC’s Water and Energy Sectors

John Abi-Hanna is the Business Development Director for Black & Veatch in the Middle East. His focus includes the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states. Abi-Hanna, whose office is located in Abu Dhab ... Read More

World-First Design on Shortlist for Major Scottish Award

While implementing a reservoir enlargement for Scottish Water, Black & Veatch successfully implemented a first-in-the-world design. That innovative work earned the project a place on the shortlist for the prestigious 2014 Saltire Society Civil Engineering Awards in ... Read More

World’s Largest Compressible Media Filtration Cleans Up CSO

The largest compressible media filtration (CMF) facility, located in Springfield, Ohio, was recently completed, and it will help eliminate untreated wet-weather overflows – a significant issue facing many water utilities worldwide. The innovative design includes the addition of a ... Read More

SIWW Blue Paper: Breaking Boundaries in the Water Industry

Last year in Singapore, approximately 100 water leaders around the world convened at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) to discuss and share insights on how to develop more sustainable water utilities. Cindy Wallis-Lage, President of Black & Veatch’s water business ... Read More

Renewable Energy Carries Potential Savings for Mining Operators

Slumping commodity prices are putting strong pressure on mining companies to reduce the costs of doing business. Since energy costs comprise an ever-increasing portion of mining operators’ expenses, attention is focused on the price of diesel, transportation expenses to remote sites and full ... Read More

Using Asset Management to Master the Data Tsunami

The advancement of sensor technology has outstripped everyone’s wildest expectations. Couple this influx of data creation with new communications technologies and utility leaders are now encountering a data tsunami. While much of this data could be viewed as extremely low quality and of ... Read More

Smart City Uncertainty May Hide Golden Opportunity

“Smart City” initiatives and technologies have already captured the imagination of the water industry. Slowly, they are starting to capture their investment dollars, too. Data sensors, smart metering and cloud-based analytics software offer water utilities unprecedented ... http://bv.com/Home/news/solutions/water/smart-city-concept-for-water-uti..."