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Insights and analysis from leaders in the areas of energy, water and telecommunications.

The Smart Revolution

Transformational technologies are driving "The Smart Revolution." This paper discusses the role of Smart Analytics and Black & Veatch's ASSET360™ platform in propelling improved performance. Holistic Smart Integrated Infrastructure solutions bring the greatest value to smart cities.

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Smart Rates for Smart Utilities

The U.S. electric utility industry is in the midst of rapid technological change and a transformation of the customer service experience. This paper sets forth the practice of 21st century rate designs through full rate unbundling of utility services and provides a framework for "Smart Rates."

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An Efficient Approach to Small Cells Design

The momentum around small cells is stronger than ever in the industry. This paper is meant to shed some light on the network planning aspects of small cell deployments, address key challenges and provide general guidance into launching a small cell project.

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Field Management Systems – Making it Easier for Clients to Closeout Data

During the life cycle of a cell site, there is a substantial amount of information needed to ensure every deliverable is completed on time, as promised. Black & Veatch has developed Field Management Systems, a suite of mobility tools designed to improve the process.

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Scope Management and Requisition Tool – Driving Consistency and Efficiency

Scoping is currently performed in differing processes across markets and is executed by exchanging dozens of spreadsheets. The purpose of the Scope Management and Requisition Tool (SMART) is to reduce project cycle times and drive consistency. It provides a simplified Web-based method.

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Asset Management CIP Prioritization

Aging infrastructure and managing capital costs are top concerns for water, electric and natural gas utilities. These issues demonstrate the need for comprehensive asset management programs. This paper provides an overview of the process, and how asset management supports improved utility decision making.

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Solar and Energy Storage Impacts on Wholesale Power Markets

The continuing price decline in solar panels makes solar PV a prime resource to offset natural gas and coal generation in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) Interconnection. This paper examines the impact of solar PV in California, along with the role of energy storage.

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Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) in Telecommunications

Black & Veatch is pioneering the use of drones for cell tower inspections. Test flights have been conducted on both self-support and monopole towers. This paper examines the results and other potential uses, as well as assessing the legalities of flying drones for commercial usage.

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Market Impacts of the Clean Power Plan

EPA's final Clean Power Plan established CO2 emission performance rates based upon the agency's determination of the best system of emission reduction. This paper provides an overview of the EPA's basis for regulatory action, timeline for implementation, likely legal challenges, compliance options and projected market and utility impacts.

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Headed for the Fast Lane? Progress of U.S. Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

Clean vehicle technology can play a big part in reducing U.S. green-house gas emissions. After decades of research and development, automakers are now debuting hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles (FCEVs) in the United States. However, widespread availability of fueling stations is critical to mass adoption.

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Insights Into the CPP

POWER-GEN International’s Best Paper of the Year goes to Black & Veatch's Andy Byers, Associate Vice President, Environmental Services. This paper examines key insights into the EPA's Clean Power Plan. Besides an overview of the CPP, the paper provides guidelines for states in developing their implementation plans, various compliance options for states, key milestones and deadlines, and potential legal challenges that lie ahead.

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China Model Paves the Way for Transportation LNG in the U.S.

LNG for vehicles is a hot topic in North America today. While the U.S. is still in the very early phases of development, China has been developing LNG projects steadily for more than a decade. Download this white paper to learn more about the variety of plants being developed and the unique challenges of non-traditional gas sources for producing transportation LNG.

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Planning Distributed Energy Future White Paper

Planning the Distributed
Energy Future

The market landscape for electric utilities in the United States is shifting dramatically toward a future with much higher penetrations of distributed energy resources (DERs). The traditional distribution system planning framework is no longer sufficient to ensure grid reliability in an era of increasing DER penetration. To understand how utility planning is changing, Black & Veatch and the Solar Electric Power Association interviewed five leading utilities across the United States and identified trends in utility planning practices.

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Six Lessons Learned on
Microgrid Implementation

With the growth of distributed generation and the rise of microgrids come project execution challenges. Black & Veatch set out to tackle these challenges and improve its capabilities with a microgrid project at its world headquarters building. Download this paper to learn more about the six key lessons learned through our experience designing and implementing our own microgrid system.

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Natural Gas Storage Regulatory Outlook Aftermath of Aliso Canyon

A major gas leak at the Aliso Canyon storage facility brought unprecedented visibility to issues of operational integrity and safety for underground natural gas storage facilities. Download this white paper to learn more about previous and anticipated regulatory changes driven by natural gas incidents and actions facility operators can do to begin preparing for these regulation changes.

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Featured White Paper:

A Bridge to the Future

Natural gas storage is an integral infrastructure component for managing the variability between natural gas supply and demand. Increasingly, it is the key to maintaining a reliable and cost-effective fuel supply for baseload power generation facilities. This paper examines the growing role of natural gas storage facilities in how market participants can increase their liquidity, improve performance and maximize profits through the use of storage assets.

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CIS Recue and Optimization_thumb

CIS Rescue and Optimization

What happens when a Customer Information System (CIS) implementation doesn’t go as planned? What should utilities do to quickly restore customer service levels and data quality? This case study provides a real industry example of challenges poorly implemented CIS create and the benefits gained from a CIS rescue as demonstrated by the City of Cleveland’s Division of Water (CWD) Customer Service Turnaround Program.

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Lenders Guide to Power Investment

As Indonesia moves rapidly to attract Independent Power Producer to help finance and build 35 gigawatts of power by 2019, Black & Veatch is increasingly advising lenders how to navigate transactions in this busy and complex market environment. As an independent engineer or lender’s technical advisor, our due diligence services help banks and financial intuitions understand techno-commercial risk and lifecycle performance forecasts, maximizing returns.

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A Transmission Line Upgrade That Was Anything But Typical

Upgrading a transmission line is a common occurrence in the electric power industry. When Orlando Utilities Commission and Black & Veatch undertook a 46-mile long transmission line upgrade, they faced significant complexities, including planning and technical, environmental and permitting challenges. Strict enforcement of environmental regulations and the discovery of endangered species added further challenges. This paper discusses the complexities of the project and solutions that made it a success.

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50 Largest Cities Rate Survey_thumb

50 Largest Cities Rate Survey

This report provides benchmarking data and trends regarding water and sewer ratemaking. The report includes water and sewer rates from the 50 largest cities in the United States and client case studies for building financial resilience.

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A Comparision of Straight Refrigeration Configurations

The current market for natural gas and natural gas liquids has caused many midstream companies to turn to lower cost alternatives. Low temperature separation (LTS) technologies have been used extensively by the gas processing industry. Variations of LTS cover a wide range of feed gas conditions and have different capital and operating cost. This paper outlines several LTS configurations and compares cost and performance.

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The Critical Role of Distributed Generation for Reliable, Affordable Power Systems

The economics of distributed generation and microgrid solutions is changing rapidly as renewable energy resources quickly enhance the level of electric service while lowering generation costs. These solutions are becoming a competitive complement to coal-fired or combined cycle power plants, and the cost and sustainability make them attractive options in many situations, including off-grid, grid-edge, or high-resiliency.

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Maximizing the Synergies of LNG Import and Natural Gas-Based Power Facilities to Meet Demand

In the post-Fukushima world, there has been a flurry of activity in the construction of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export and import facilities. Much of this activity was driven by the increase in LNG prices as Japan shut down its nuclear plants and relied on the import of other fuels for power generation for several years. Lower commodity pricing has made LNG a more viable alternative in many markets, and the environmental benefits in reduced emissions over coal, oil, diesel, and other fuels make it an attractive option.

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2016 Stormwater Utility Survey

Stormwater utilities continue to evolve with shifts in stormwater program planning, best practices, governance and regulatory requirements. To reflect these changing dynamics, Black & Veatch captures and shares insights through our biennial stormwater utility survey.

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