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For some, a shiny new ride with the latest in creature comforts gets them from A to B in style. But a growing consumer population seeks something more straightforward.

Urban populations are rising, and city-dwellers are using ride services and public transit more often to get around. Transportation is becoming more service than asset.

Across the transportation ecosystem, customers from everyday commuters to automakers are investing in vehicles and new systems that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And for good reason: Fossil-fueled transportation — especially in our congested population centers — is an outsized contributor to climate change. 

COAST TO COAST CHARGING: With our market-leading design and construction of Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers, we’re working with automakers, utilities, and EV service providers to speed adoption among motorists who are understandably worried about how far their batteries will take them. 

AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES: AVs have the attention of fleet operators of rental cars, ridesharing companies, airport shuttles, city transit, and long-haul trucking. Not to mention investors. The reason is clear: AVs can dramatically improve business economics for companies whose mission is to move people and goods across our communities and, perhaps soon, our regions and countries. 

Fulfilling AV’s true promise will require many pieces falling into place. Legislators, automakers, utilities, and technology integrators are among the key players with crucial roles to play. At Black & Veatch, we’re seizing the opportunity to apply technologies to reinvent systems towards sustainable, cost-efficient transportation. 
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