From what if, to what’s now.

A zero-emissions future.


Hydrogen fuel cell and battery-electric vehicles, and the networks that charge and fuel them, are creating a new mobility, raising hopes for a zero-emissions future. But what if we went further? What if we applied some of the same thinking —and technology—not just to vehicles, but to where we live, work and learn? 

The idea of a zero-emissions future is changing from what-if to what’s now. New technologies are drawing energy from a more efficient grid and harnessing the potential of renewable power. From a school in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico to power-hungry buildings in California, new solutions are lighting the path to sustainability:

After Hurricane Maria plunged their school into darkness, students in Puerto Rico’s Yabucoa district now have reliable power thanks to an innovative, scalable, plug-and-play sunshine-to-energy module pioneered by SunCrate Energy with Black & Veatch support. Known as a “SunCrate”, the unit provides back-up power when the grid goes down.

California’s call for more efficient energy is being met in the community of Irvine, where Black & Veatch recently completed 20 first-of-a kind Hybrid Electric Buildings. Our client was able to integrate more renewable resources on the grid and reduce peak energy consumption. The systems decrease the need for additional power plants, and reduce electricity costs.

Attitudes about power generation and consumption are changing, driven by a changing climate and customer demands. We have unprecedented opportunities, and the tools to take advantage of them. 
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