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UTC Telecom & Technology Conference 2020

Accelerate the Future

The future grid is resilient, reliable, and interconnected. By embracing digital electricity, with its advanced and secure communication networks, we will transform our communities, industries, and world. We look forward to discussing how to build the grid of the future with you.

Join Black & Veatch at the UTC Telecom & Technology Conference

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A new connected ecosystem is forming. 5G networks are bringing lightning-fast communication and vast connectivity that will propel digitalization. Across industries, businesses and cities, digital infrastructure and technologies are beginning to scale and converge, creating the foundation for a sustainable, resilient and connected future.

As a technology integrator, Black & Veatch has the expertise, tools, relationships, and solutions to develop large-scale digital infrastructure projects from the ground up. We wield connectivity like a pen to help carriers, electric utilities, fleet owners, transportation entities, communities and private enterprises rewrite business models and operations to accelerate their connected future.

Our digital world is quickly evolving, and we help clients recognize and capture the benefits of digitalization with a single-source solution to plan, design, build and operate a reliable, resilient, and sustainable digital grid for the future.


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PowerSouth Network Master Planning

Building a Custom Network Infrastructure for Today and Tomorrow’s Power Needs

Like other utilities, PowerSouth has been faced with the need to increase capacity to accommodate growing demand from customers. The increased capacity requires network expansion to edge devices beyond substations.They  recognized the need for a telecommunications master plan before undergoing an upgrade to their communication architecture at this scale. Their internal networks team was also already occupied with ongoing projects to bolster system reliability. To validate their existing operation and provide a vendor-neutral perspective on future network design, PowerSouth enlisted Black & Veatch to work alongside their networks team to fully integrate planning, engineering, design and implementation.


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BV Safe Tool

Connected Data Keeping Workers Safe

Now more than ever, communities are reliant on vital power, water and telecommunication services. Critical infrastructure project work must continue but protecting the health and safety of highly distributed field teams is a top concern.

Black & Veatch’s BV Safe Contact solution is a geospatial tracking tool that uses connected data to safeguard field services and construction crews during the COVID-19 global health crisis.


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Advanced communication networks are changing the way people interact with data, technology, and each other. What was once a distant, singular transaction at a keyboard is now an immersive experience via smart interfaces and new capabilities.

We are linked to and guided by input from thousands of connected devices—from mobile phones and telehealth wearables to sensors of every kind.

As a hallmark of our digital world, data is created, shared, and analyzed widely, creating layers of input and insight, making our interconnected experience richer, tangible, and more valuable.

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