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EUCI 2020

The Electric Vehicle-Utility Industry Nexus: Charging Forward

The Electric Vehicle-Utility Industry Nexus: Charging Forward

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Black & Veatch Management Consulting is proud to sponsor this upcoming EUCI event. EUCI is pleased to offer this virtual conference on its online interactive platform. Enjoy a valuable learning experience with a smaller impact on your time and budget. You will gain new knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience in from the comfort of your remote location.

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Heather Donaldson

Consulting Director

Heather Donaldson is a Director in Management Consulting. Heather is a recognized thought leader serving as a member and advisor in forums focused on enabling technical capabilities, business model and policy changes. Her experience spans electricity industry domains including distributed energy resource integration, grid modernization, wholesale markets, and distribution and transmission planning.

Prior to joining Black & Veatch, Heather served as a Gubernatorial appointee to the California Public Utilities Commission, providing technical expertise concerning grid modernization as well as facilitating interconnection disputes between utilities and developers. Heather joined Southern California Edison (SCE) in August 2015 as a leader in electric system planning. In this role, she focused on bridging the communications gap between engineering need for grid modernization and policy development in regulatory arenas.

About EUCI’s Electric Vehicle-Utility Industry Nexus conference

The 6th iteration of EUCI’s Electric Vehicle-Utility Industry Nexus conference brings together a myriad of stakeholders to address critical considerations, opportunities, and challenges regarding electric vehicles’ impact on utilities. The event will include case studies from utilities and other relevant stakeholders from across the country who are leading the electric vehicle revolution. Experts will describe policies and regulations related to electric vehicles and their implications for utilities, providing a national overview of EV adoption, and discussing nuances in state and local EV programs being implemented across the country. Utilities and EV experts will discuss charging technologies, charging infrastructure deployment and planning, EV program design, equity and diversity in the transportation electrification movement, fleet electrification and management of medium and heavy duty EVs, and more!

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the current market landscape of EVs and future projections
  • Evaluate how Xcel Energy is achieving their goal of 1.5 million EVs by 2030
  • Assess options for utilities to design effective customer programs through rate design, rebates & incentives
  • Review charging infrastructure planning & deployment case studies
  • Evaluate elements of effective program design for utility EV programs, EV infrastructure, & auto dealer programs
  • Discuss the EV opportunity for electric cooperatives
  • Discuss the importance of prioritizing equity, diversity & inclusion in the EV movement and specific ways utilities can engage vulnerable communities in their EV initiatives
  • Interact with auto manufacturers to hear their perspective, initiatives for fleet electrification, and collaborative efforts with utilities
  • Describe public and private fleet electrification trends and how utilities are managing them
  • Discuss utility planning strategies to prepare the grid for medium and heavy-duty EVs


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