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The future of 5G and IoT is propelled by fiber, small cells, CBRS and other technologies. We look forward to discussing how to deliver the communication networks of the future with you.

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A new connected ecosystem is forming. 5G networks are bringing lightning-fast communication and vast connectivity that will propel digitalization. Across industries, businesses and cities, digital infrastructure and technologies are beginning to scale and converge, creating the foundation for a sustainable, resilient and connected future.

As a technology integrator, Black & Veatch has the expertise, tools, relationships, and solutions to plan, design, and construct large-scale digital infrastructure. We wield connectivity like a pen to help carriers, electric utilities, fleet owners, transportation entities, communities and private enterprises rewrite business models and operations to accelerate their connected future.

Our digital world is quickly evolving, and we help clients understand what 5G and IoT innovation means to them. We provide scalable resources to deliver a faster path to a connected future and speed the value capture of digital infrastructure and technologies.


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Smart Connected Roadways

Project Highlight: Smart, Connected Roadways

Like many agencies, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) wanted to innovate. But, their existing microwave network had limited capacity, and couldn’t support the value- added safety and mobility applications that PTC required. PTC launched an advanced fiber optic network project to boost connectivity between their administrative buildings, as well as support All-Electronic Tolling (AET) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for improved safety and mobility. With the bandwidth provided by the fiber optic network, PTC will be able to install automated tolling to support future autonomous vehicle traffic on the turnpike.

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Resources to Navigate Our Evolving World

5g ebook

5G eBook

Given the network complexity, true partnership must be forged between carriers, technology integrators, states, cities, and industries to successfully reach our 5G potential. This eBook explores the transformative power of 5G technologies and builds a framework of actions that carriers, utilities, government, cities, states, and fleet managers can take to strategically kickstart 5G.

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connected communities ebook

Digitally Connected Communities eBook

This eBook shows leaders how to jump-start digitization to create an agile governance that can flex to respond to changing conditions and the needs of citizens and customers. Through digital technologies, leaders establish resilient and sustainable operations, enhance citizen quality of life, and generate social and economic benefits across stakeholders.

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Innovation Infographic Series

Black & Veatch telecommunications innovates from the inside out. We continue to expand our capabilities to better meet the changing needs of our clients as they execute rapid infrastructure build-out towards 5G, IoT and Connected Community advancements. From mobile software apps that increase worker site safety to back-office programs that save time and money, we innovate to improve the way we work as a company. Our high-tech solutions help us, and our clients adapt to disruptive markets, scale complex infrastructure deployments more quickly and evolve toward next-generation operations.

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