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35th Annual WateReuse Symposium

Four Decades of Water Recycling Success

Since the 1980s, Black & Veatch has pioneered key, milestone water recycling projects worldwide. Today, we’re advancing the frontier of One Water and potable reuse solutions to meet the endless demand for sustainable, safe and reliable water.

WateReuse Symposium 2020

Event date

ReBV – Recurring Leadership in Water Reuse

Black & Veatch has long been a global leader in water reuse research, planning, treatment and implementation. We have expertise that we have developed, honed and reapplied efficiently as technologies have evolved and opportunities have increased. Building constantly on our experience, we deliver cost-effective solutions that meet today’s requirements and prepare clients for tomorrow’s challenges. Circle back with us at this year’s virtual symposium for:

Site-Specific Solutions

We collaborate from the conceptual stages through the first years of operation, balancing project life-cycle costs, operator preferences and vision, community requirements and site constraints, to realize client objectives and expectations.  LEARN MORE

Efficient, Reliable Process Selection  

Performing research and designing and operating bench- and pilot-scale test and demonstration projects, we identify processes to meet regulatory and sustainability objectives for water quality and quantity.  LEARN MORE

Strong Stakeholder Support 

We excel at building trust and using outreach with government authorities and community stakeholders to win public support and regulatory approval for water recycling projects.

Timely Project Delivery 

As a contractor as well as a planner and designer, we deliver reuse projects via traditional design-bid-build and progressive design-build approaches. Considering a project’s constructability from the outset, we advance proactive, cost-saving implementation. 

Integrated Solutions   

We solve the big picture for clients. We balance treatment and conveyance requirements, and address discharge requirements while recovering resources.  LEARN MORE

Delivering New Supply & Greater Resilience

Facing issues that push the limits of freshwater availability, mitigating effects from effluent discharge, earning public acceptance, and overcoming cost constraints, communities around the world have reclaimed, recycled and reused precious water resources by trusting Black & Veatch.

Our experience encompasses all end uses, all scopes and any size project in any configuration.

Connect with Our Reuse Leaders

WateReuse Symposium
  Cindy Wallis-Lage, PE
  • President of Black & Veatch’s Water Business and champion of the world’s water resources promoting water’s true value and the need for resilience and sustainability
  • Provided technical and management expertise on milestone projects advancing the adoption of reuse worldwide
  • Experience includes MBR Changi WRP, Michelson WRP Solids Facility, Eastern Treatment Plant Tertiary Upgrade, Butler Drive WRP, Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme
WateReuse Symposium
  Jim Clark, PE, WEF Fellow
  • Has managed water recycling projects in California since 1985
  • Projects include: RARE, Silicon Valley Water Campus, GWRS Initial and Final Expansions
  • Project Director of BV’s work on MWD’s Recycled Water Program Conveyance
WateReuse Symposium
  Kevin Davis, PE
  • Has been involved with water recycling projects in the San Diego area since the 1990s
  • Recent experience includes planning and construction management of the San Diego Pure Water Program
  • Program Manager of the Escondido Potable Reuse Program and Regional Water Facilities Optimization Master Plan for the City and County of San Diego
WateReuse Symposium
  Zeynep Erdal, PhD, PE
  • Leads BV’s Integrated Solutions Practice that includes Reuse and Digital Water
  • Specializes in planning and design of sustainable water reclamation and regulatory strategies using conventional and advanced technologies at new and existing facilities for all types of reuse.
  • Experience includes City of San Diego’s Pure Water Program, City of North Las Vegas MBR WRF, Virginia Initiative Plant, metropolitan Los Angeles area projects.
WateReuse Symposium
  Craig Lichty, PE
  • Implementation expert
  • Specializes in proactive management of design and cost
  • Experience includes water recycling projects in Redwood City, Santa Rosa and Monterey, California
WateReuse Symposium
  Jo Ann Jackson, PE
  • One Water Practice Leader
  • Experience in planning, permitting, design and/or implementation of nearly every type of water reuse program
  • Helped public utility implement Florida’s first direct potable reuse pilot
WateReuse Symposium
  Dan Lopez, PE
  • Serves as Senior Project Manager and Design Manager
  • Extensive experience including the Livermore Advanced WRP Demonstration Project, Dublin-San Ramon Clean Water Revival, RARE project, Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center
WateReuse Symposium
  Jeff Neemann, DEng, PE
  • Treatment technology expert
  • Projects include: RARE, Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center, Bundamba AWTF and GWRS initial and final expansion projects
  • Developed BV’s digital approach to monitoring membrane systems and potable reuse facilities
WateReuse Symposium
  Lee Portillo
  • Senior process technologist
  • Specializes in advanced technologies and applications to meet regulatory requirements
  • Experience includes GWRS Final Expansion, Morro Bay AWTF, Soquel Creek AWTF
WateReuse Symposium
  James Strayer, PE
  • Leads BV’s Planning and Asset Management Practice
  • Specializes in leading large, integrated planning projects
  • Experience includes the City of San Diego’s Recycled Water Study, a complex CIP program


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