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Webinar - The A to Zs of Arizona’s Quest to Become a Smart City Tech Hub

Webinar - The A to Zs of Arizona’s Quest to Become a Smart City Tech Hub

Event date

On September 19, 2018, Meeting of the Minds will host a live webinar featuring Dominic Papa of the Institute for Digital Progress and Scott Stallard of Atonix Digital.

Program Summary

Charting a path to a smarter city future requires involvement and coordination from many parties across various city organizations, extending to entities across an entire region. This level of coordination requires an approach to help prioritize, learn which investments deliver the strongest outcomes and how they align with defined goals. One such example is the Arizona Institute for Digital Progress (AZiDP), a nonprofit community organization, which is focused on transforming the Greater Phoenix region into a major hub of smart city technology driven by collaborative civic innovation. In partnership with Arizona State University, the nation’s largest public university, AZiDP is advancing the concept of joint program design and implementation across this region of 22 communities, and embarking on the creation of a framework to accomplish their goals. This webinar will highlight key aspects of the framework, including their need to visualize how initiatives and strategies support the city and/or regional goals, an ability to also measure and define metrics at both community and regional level, and to enable programmatic (i.e., systematic, year-over-year program management and oversight) control via three-year rolling commitments for funding from an ecosystem of partners.


Dominic papa

  Dominic Papa

    Executive Director and Co-Founder 
    Institute for Digital Progress (iDP)

Dominic is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Institute for Digital Progress (iDP), a not-for-profit organization designed to transform Arizona into a global hub of Smart City/IoT technology driven by collaborative civic innovation.

Dominic helped build the Smart & Connected AZ Council, which provides cities with an “Innovation as a Service” model, a platform that allows local governments, private industry and academic research institutions to collaboratively design and develop new innovative technology pilots that advance solutions to public challenges, have a measurable impact, and the potential to scale. This multi-party innovation process generates customized technology solutions to solve specific city issues and real citizens’ needs.

Dominic founded iDP after working for two years with the city of Phoenix. Prior to the city of Phoenix, he worked for the Alliance for Innovation and ASU’s Center for Urban Innovation, where he worked hand in hand with city managers from across the county, helping them to challenge and transform their organizations in the midst of severe fiscal constraints. Prior to ASU, Dominic worked for the tech startup Integrate. Dominic has a B.A. in Political Science and Italian, a M.A. in Public Administration, and is currently a J.D. candidate at Arizona State University.


Scott Stallard

   Scott Stallard

     Atonix Digitala Black & Veatch software subsidiary

Scott leads the development and commercialization efforts for the ASSET360® Platform which powers industry-leading analytics solutions for utilities, businesses and smart cities. These solutions address the challenges and opportunities prompted by increased operational complexity, widespread adoption of digital technologies, big data, and major transformation occurring across virtually all asset-centric industries.

Scott has served on several industry boards, including serving as Vice Chairman of the Industry Advisory Board for ASME, member and committee chairman for the World Energy Council Performance of Generating Plant (PGP) Committee for more than 26 years, Advisory Board for Kansas University School of Mechanical Engineering, and is an appointee on National Coal Council.

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