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Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

During project finance transactions, properly understanding the technical risks of building energy, water and telecommunications infrastructure can greatly impact the project’s financial success. Such expertise is needed to bridge the gap between developers and lenders connecting finance to bankable projects.

At Black & Veatch, we’ve represented the interests of lenders on more than 10 gigawatts of power projects alone, acting as Lender's Technical Advisor or Lender's Engineer. We help lenders to understand and evaluate the risks early in the process, and to allocate those risks to parties best suited to handle them. Black & Veatch provides financeable, Independent Engineering reports to support asset transactions. We provide technical due diligence and identify gaps in order to alert lenders to potential issues.

A dynamic marketplace requires specialized expertise. This is particularly true in cases where pivotal elements include economic factors, operational and technological characteristics, price volatility and regulatory policy. We can help credit committees, rating agencies and other financing partners understand and mitigate these risks.

We are experienced in working with models built around a public-private partnership (P3) concession or performance contracting structure. Financing options can be facilitated through infrastructure funds, pension funds or public-to-public partnerships. We coordinate with financial partners to provide alternative funding resources for capital and operational improvement programs.

With experience throughout the value chain of project development and operation, we understand the fundamental issues that determine an infrastructure project’s success.

Banking and Finance Facilities for Data Centers

Data Centers for Banking & Finance Facilities

Whether utility, telecommunications or federal, state or municipal governments, Black & Veatch’s foundation was built on the planning, engineering, design and construction of the infrastructure and facilities for the world’s most vital systems.  We work with the Banking and Finance industry to fortify their facilities and data centers to ensure continual access to the operations and data needed for the instant, reliable transactions expected by today’s consumers.


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