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Data Centers

Banking & Finance Facilities

We know data centers for banking and finance facilities

Banking and finance facilities are held to high standards of availability and numerous federal regulations governing critical infrastructure. To meet these resilience and reliability standards requires a unique understanding of each institution’s specific physical requirements to ensure their facility is always on. With experience across essential infrastructure sectors and the federal government, Black & Veatch understands the challenges of operating mission critical facilities.

Whether utility, telecommunications or federal, state or municipal governments, Black & Veatch’s foundation was built on the planning, engineering, design and construction of the infrastructure and facilities for the world’s most vital systems.  We work with the Banking and Finance industry to fortify their facilities and data centers to ensure continual access to the operations and data needed for the instant, reliable transactions expected by today’s consumers.

Black & Veatch’s consulting engineers and construction teams work with our financial clients throughout the infrastructure lifecycle - planning, executing and maintaining data centers and critical facilities for continuous, reliable, secure and efficient operations.

Empowering information to make informed decisions on your facilities’ future:

  • Stakeholder interviews to capture goals & initiatives
  • Infrastructure assessment and review as-built drawings & documentation
  • Understand current and future IT growth on facility infrastructure
  • Perform gap analysis for critical infrastructure primary and secondary systems
  • Review electrical and mechanical topologies for reliability and concurrent maintainability
  • Perform CFD analysis for capacity planning & IT deployments
  • Review findings with stakeholders and provide recommendations

Insightful expertise to guide you through the budgeting and design of a custom solution:

  • Facility and capacity expansion including modular solutions
  • Infrastructure upgrades to improve reliability and efficiency
  • Improve power and water use efficiency
  • Review and develop operating and maintenance procedures
  • Site consolidation
  • Site due diligence, conceptual design and construction estimates for new site builds
  • IT migration or outsourcing strategy including provider evaluation and associated change management

Design-build execution for a seamless, single-source solution from planning through deployment:

  • Master planning, massing plans and utility planning
  • Detailed design including;
    • Civil
    • Architectural
    • Structural
    • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing
    • Fire protection
    • Security
    • Connectivity
  • Live data center installation and construction
  • Design-build or EPC execution
  • Commissioning

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