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Colocation Data Centers

Build cost-effective, ready-to-go colocation data centers planned and designed to anticipate your customers' thirst for enhanced and ever-evolving data solutions while also meeting their rising expectations for sustainable power, cooling and other utility services.


We know infrastructure

Throughout the world, enterprise customers of colocation data centers are embracing digitalization, evolving their IT strategies and finding new value in enhanced data management, storage, connectivity and security services. These connected companies are opening up the market for colocation facilities, offloading the burden of facility management and capital investment while benefiting from scalable capacity, white-space customization, redundant power and networks, and improved security.

The colocation data center market is dynamic and increasingly competitive. Black & Veatch goes beyond simply replicating standard designs and build out for our colocation data center clients. We’re a strategic partner with specialized capabilities in data center structural, energy, cooling, and fiber solutions.  We’re among the top in power, water and telecom engineering and construction firms.  Not only do we have your civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services covered, but we work with you to keep ahead of the shifting and evolving demands of your customers. We use our full breadth and depth of our organization to provide added insight into leading edge solutions for sustainable energy and water use and advanced communication and security systems.

Efficient Execution

With an industry-accredited team trained in  proven standards, processes and tools, you’ll receive the quick response, efficient delivery and high-quality work expected in the industry.

Agility & Scale

Having an experienced, multi-faceted EPC partner with an international presence gives you agility and scale to act fast in a fast market.


With a turnkey solution from conception to commissioning, you’ll receive continuity throughout the project life-cycle, improving certainty throughout delivery.

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A strategic partner with fully integrated solutions

Black & Veatch can help you plan, design, procure, construct, commission and support data center facility operations and other critical infrastructure, including new builds and renovations to live systems. Whether you need an edge solution to reduce latency, modular solutions for long-term flexibility, or a one-million square foot secure hyperscale data center, Black & Veatch has the comprehensive experience to meet your data center requirements. 

Powering Data Centers with Natural Gas

Powering Data Centers with Natural Gas

As the Data Center industry increases its focus on sustainability, natural gas offers a clean, accessible and reliable alternative to diesel generators for their energy-intensive operations. This report explores the considerations and benefits of using natural gas generators for backup power to help you decide if this green technology is right for your Data Center.


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