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Data Centers

Enterprise Facilities

Data Center Infrastructure when designed and maintained for optimal performance, can give you an edge. Black & Veatch is a partner that can help you grow, innovate and lead your industry through smart, sustainable design and build solutions. When you can rely on your data to always be there… imagine the possibilities.

We know enterprise data centers

Creating long-lasting, sustainable facilities takes a broad perspective with a wide lens capturing the entire ecosystem and an eye towards the future. Black & Veatch’s extensive view into both critical and digital infrastructure gives you the insight to endure today’s digital transformation and succeed in tomorrow’s possibilities.

Hyperconnectivity is driving up network speeds and capacity while 5G and IoT are pushing edge computing closer to reality. To adapt, enterprise IT infrastructure is evolving from a mostly centralized, on-premises model to a more distributed hybrid of cloud-hosted, on-premises, edge and colocation solutions. Is your data center infrastructure ready to capitalize on this advanced connectivity?

Beyond digitalization, data centers are power and water intensive, does your current infrastructure align with leading efficiency and sustainability practices? Climate change is causing unprecedented and unpredictable weather events, are your facilities prepared for and protected from the elements? Black & Veatch reached across the company, pulling the best in infrastructure solutions and engineering and construction disciplines to offer specialized data center infrastructure solutions. We can help you address these key questions and produce reliable, efficient, secure and sustainable facilities that last well into the future.


Always diligent, we start with a thorough assessment and analysis of your infrastructure, so you’ll be on the right path forward with operations and facilities that are structured to meet your business goals.


With multi-disciplined engineers, analysts and scientists as an extension of your team, you’ll be set up to solve today’s challenges across digitalization, reliability and efficiency, environment and security.


Working with a full EPC provider, you’ll gain focus on the entire data center life-cycle. By integrating services with insightful resource management you’ll ensure every project is safely and quality executed on-time and on-budget.

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Future-proof solutions

With a mind for what’s possible, Black & Veatch works side-by-side our clients to listen, understand and create the future-proof data centers that reflect the type of company you strive to be. We’re diligent in our research and investigation of your IT system and data center infrastructure to gain a full understanding of the now and later. This diligence prepares us for a collaborative relationship to bridge our resources and effectively respond and remain accountable for delivery.

As enterprises continue to grow and evolve, adapting to market expectations for on-demand, always on service, Black & Veatch is there with the solutions to keep you innovating. We’ve worked with different industries solving their complex challenges for data center consolidation, white space expansion, power and water system capability, and system reliability and operational efficiency.

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