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Keep pace with big data and ahead of your competition by building high quality, fast-to-market, on-budget hyperscale data centers delivered by a strategic and comprehensive global service provider and consultant.

We know hyperscale

It’s all in the name.  Hyperscale data centers adapt quickly, scaling to increase computing, networking and storage to stay ahead of the data curve. These extraordinary market dynamics mean hyperscale data center developers need quick-to-market, quick-to-scale solutions that are matched by optimal levels of uptime, reliability and resilience.

The combination of Black & Veatch’s global resources and extensive expertise across all things critical infrastructure, including market leading expertise in power, water and telecommunications, makes us an ideal international partner for hyperscalers to realize and meet their customers’ demand for always-on solutions. To keep you ahead of the market, you need a trusted advisor with the breadth and responsiveness to solve your unique challenges. Our collaborative approach creates custom solutions that are delivered with speed, precision, and greater cost and performance certainty. Regardless of global location, we help you navigate local regulations and construction challenges. And, as an innovator in sustainable infrastructure, we are ideally positioned to help you anticipate and address increasing environmental demands from your stakeholders.


Hyperscale data centers are like cities with their complex infrastructure ecosystems. Few have Black & Veatch’s integrated perspective across essential power, water and communications infrastructure to keep these new data cities operating in synergy.


Data is global.  A partner with Black & Veatch’s worldwide scale can help you stay ahead, offering you on-demand resources when and where you need them, so you can move where your customers take you.


Data demand is only accelerating, with powerful players vying for the lead position.  Adapting to market changes quickly requires responsive, agile solutions.  Our extensive global engineering and construction resources gives you the edge you need to stay ahead.

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Relying on our full-scale architecture, engineering, procurement and construction services, we collaborate with you to deliver responsive, customized solutions.

Powering Data Centers with Natural Gas

Powering Data Centers with Natural Gas

As the Data Center industry increases its focus on sustainability, natural gas offers a clean, accessible and reliable alternative to diesel generators for their energy-intensive operations. This report explores the considerations and benefits of using natural gas generators for backup power to help you decide if this green technology is right for your Data Center.


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