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Defense Threat Reduction, Military Construction

We support the U.S. Department of Defense, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Over 100 years of successful service to agencies of the U.S. Government has earned Black & Veatch a reputation for delivering innovative, effective and timely solutions for some of the most secure missions in the world.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Radar facilities.
  • Power and cooling systems.
  • Chemical detection.
  • Physical and electronic security systems.
  • Anti-terrorism and force protection.
  • SCIF design.
  • Secure communication systems.
  • Blast mitigation and hardening.
  • EMP and TEMPEST shielding.
  • Seismic condition design.

Military Construction

Black & Veatch military construction (MILCON) projects are marked by cost and schedule precision and superior safety performance. That’s how we’ve earned our ranking among the nation’s top design-build contractors.

Our MILCON facility experience includes:

“Black and Veatch is an excellent project partner. The Chicago District would happily work with Black and Veatch on projects in the future.”

David Schiemann, Civil Engineer, USACE Chicago District, Fish Barrier IIA Power Quality Improvements, CPARS Rating, April 28, 2016

In just six months, Black & Veatch prepared almost 1,500 construction drawings for the Custer Hill facility at Fort Riley. 

Threat Reduction

To help make the world a safer place, our work focuses on counter-proliferation, nonproliferation and active reduction of weapons of mass destruction stockpiles. We collaborate with recipient nations on cost-effective local delivery of services at low risk. We minimize the use of expatriate professionals and instead prioritize in-country talent and leadership for sustainable program support into the future.

Threat reduction program highlights include:

“The Black & Veatch team has performed integration and coordination activities very well. B&V is responsive to interaction requests from DTRA and has taken efforts to identify and mitigate potential problems that might negatively impact the contract schedule. When the contract was modified to increase the size of the project, Black & Veatch efficiently contracted for the additional resources necessary without delaying project execution.” 

CPARS Rating, Febuary 2016

Military Microgrids

Black & Veatch understands the military’s energy security challenges. Microgrid solutions can bolster energy resilience while allowing for greater deployment of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. We provide tailored solutions that support Department of Defense (DoD) energy initiatives and integrate smart grid controls for long-term cost-savings and energy efficiency.

Our microgrid solutions:

  • Generate mission-critical energy in the case of power grid disruptions
  • Provide support services to the central grid
  • Help military installations reduce utility demand charges
  • Manage overall energy load
  • Facilitate demand response programs
  • Enhance renewable energy deployment
  • Offer significant energy cost-savings for both the base and local utilities
  • Bolster cybersecurity practices base-wide

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