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Customer Experience

Global experience in designing, deploying and managing customer experience programs. Our professionals are highly skilled in the latest industry CIS systems and bring decades of experience deploying technology.

We know customer experience

Black & Veatch Management Consulting brings decades of experience in delivering Customer Experience solutions and consulting services to clients around the globe.  

Our professionals have significant industry, software, and system integration experience. We have implementation experience with most major CIS systems (SAP, Oracle, Cayenta, Customer/1, Banner/Ventyx) and have worked with the major CIS integrators (Deloitte, PwC, Accenture, EDS, HCL, Oracle, IBM) as part of integration projects. 

The assessment approach includes both system performance and functional breadth, with proprietary toolsets covering each aspect for CIS-related operations. These toolset accelerators help reduce costs and deliver high-quality results in an efficient manner. Our successful implementation experiences give us the knowledge and insight of an effective team structure, correct resources mix, and the monitoring and control process required to run a successful project. While many competing assessment and selection vendors choose to remain out of the implementation space, Black & Veatch believes implementation experience should be a requirement for assessment work. It allows us to provide stronger business cases, based on bottom-up estimates, provided by people who actually perform the tasks.  

Our proprietary delivery approach has been developed based on years of experience focused exclusively on the utility industry. It has been honed by lessons learned. High quality and effectiveness are the critical success factors for CIS Assessments.  

Customer Information Systems

Experience in designing and implementing CIS systems that securely manage customer information.  

Customer Systems & Programs

Our consulting professionals can implement standard or customized systems to support your unique customer programs. 

New Energy Solutions

We help clients assess how to play, build and operate within the New Energy economy to achieve long-term success. 

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Global Customer Experience Solutions & Technology

A customer experience program should support a business’s current and future business goals. The systems should have minimal customization but be highly configurable to meet evolving need. A successful execution of a customer experience program will provide our clients with the systems to support customers and realize critical operational efficiencies. 

Transitioning to a best-practices solution is where Black & Veatch Management Consulting provides significant value to clients when a well-managed implementation is critical for long-term success. A successful implementation team will be one that partners the client, has a deep understanding of utility business requirements and processes, has deep expertise in the solution and can leverage that knowledge to implement the technology. The transition must be seamless to customers, with no interruption to service. 

Improving customer satisfaction is typically a key business driver in moving forward with a customer experience implementation. The technology needs to provide advanced features and functionality to increase customer engagement and help improve customer satisfaction.  

When clients are looking for the best long-term investment, they need a solution that offers system flexibility, interoperability and the ability to integrate into both existing and future technologies as its business and customer requirements evolve.  

Customer experience expectation is transforming rapidly

Reducing risk can be achieved with system standardization. The transition to a leading software solution, used by leading utilities, will help IT team in its ability to support and maintain the technology going forward.  To obtain these outcomes, the implementation project must be tightly managed, with project accelerators deployed when applicable and risk mitigation tactics in place at every step. Communication must be open, direct and straightforward. The implementation team should have the expertise to deliver a solution that is built on best practices and also draws on lessons learned from previous engagements.  

Black & Veatch Management Consulting’s award-winning delivery approach has been developed based on years of experience focused exclusively on the utility industry. It has been honed by lessons learned both from projects for which we were the selected implementation provider, as well as from those where we were called on to turn around a failed implementation. 

Our experience and exclusive focus on utility CIS programs has helped us develop our proprietary CLARITY toolset that we bring to every project we manage. We start with an integrated, ready-to-go, detailed project plan and activity sequence that is on hand from Day 1, enabling rapid project launch. Our pre-defined workshop schedule supports efficient analysis and design decisions. The tool also includes more than 100, fully-tested, pre-defined future state business processes that are based on industry and Oracle best practices. Each step is tailored to meet a project’s unique business needs. 

Our customer experience services also include delivery accelerators—templates, repositories and other intellectual content—which help speed up the schedule and accelerate overall delivery. Business transformation and organizational change management also is embedded in our project methodology, tools and project team. Comprehensive training and change management services include best practice implementation, live lectures, user activity guides which are critical in a successful launch and help to ensure overall effectiveness.  

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