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Growth & Performance

Grid Operation Improvement & Management

Consulting that delivers strategic planning and regulatory strategy rooted in industry insight and experience. Sophisticated market models along with regulatory and stakeholder engagement are used to deliver successful enterprise roadmaps to embrace the transformation ahead.

We know grid operation improvement & management

Our Advisory and Planning professionals provide Strategic planning is a critical first step in answering key questions on what the future grid needs to be able to do, what changes and investments are needed and when, what benefits they can bring to customers and how these investments can be justified to stakeholders.  We bring an integrated approach to strategic planning and regulatory strategy combining industry insight, sophisticated market models, innovative regulatory strategy and stakeholder engagement to help our clients design successful roadmaps and programs that are embraced across their broad stakeholders. 

Distribution Management Systems

Rapid assessment, strategic support to improve the effectiveness of risk management.

Operations Performance Improvement

Methodologies, strategies to support DER, EV customer, regulatory demands.

Integrated Telecommunications Services

Telecom consulting supporting grid resilience for improved data transport.

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Global consulting expertise to lead grid transformation

Our consulting experts support the development of distribution management systems with more than 100 years of industry related experience. Rapid assessments provide fast and focused insight to help support your current situation. Data readiness is a critical component of distribution management and helps to ensure that your data is prepared to enable your organization’s ability to optimize operational technology investments. Our management consulting practice leaders work closely with global utility clients to design strategy roadmaps to provide a clear path forward to drive greater transparency and accountability in a complex time of transformation.

The operational needs of distribution utilities are changing. The increasing penetration of DERs and EVs, along with customer and regulatory demands for improved system robustness and resiliency require these changes. New tools, methods, applications, and data combine to provide the foundation to address these demands and to improve operational effectiveness and efficiencies in the field, the control and dispatch centers, and management. We have the vision, experience, methods, and resources to assist utilities in defining and executing on their operations performance improvement strategy, readiness, and implementation.

Our expert consultants provide a wide range of integrated telecommunication services. We focus on enabling the operational flexibility to accommodate and manage increases in the penetration of DERs and EVs along with improving grid resilience and robustness, the distribution utility of the future is a data driven enterprise. This data, collected from potentially millions of end-point devices, is as important as the wires that carry the energy and to effectively use and manage such a critical asset, distribution utilities require a modern telecommunications infrastructure to collect and transport this data. Black & Veatch has the vision, experience, methods, and resources to assist utilities in defining and executing on their integrated telecommunications strategy, readiness, and implementation.

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