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Management Consulting

Growth & Performance

Leading the modernization and transformation for energy utilities and large commercial and industrial clients with fully developed blueprints and execution strategies to advance infrastructure business processes.

We know growth and performance

Black & Veatch Management Consulting creates value for our clients through the realization of opportunities within our changing energy and water ecosystems in the focus of our Growth & Performance team. We have become a leading transformation partner for energy utilities and large commercial and industrial clients looking to embrace and shape their future around the opportunities of the New Energy Economy. Unique, fully developed blueprint and execution strategies help our clients envision and implement infrastructure business processes. 

Within this practice area our professionals address a wide range of infrastructure modernization needs for clients around the globe.


Transformational services to address a wide range of global modernization needs.

Customer Experience

Enabling a new level of customer experience expectations.


Partnering with clients to envision and implement new processes.

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Improving Reliability
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Our consulting approach

We are dedicated to maintaining high standards for all our engagements and commits to providing the highest level of service to the client. We can make this commitment due to our clients’ confidence in our technical and managerial capabilities and our successful performance on previous projects.

Our ability to work across the many business units of Black & Veatch provides us with a unique global service approach. Collectively, our teams can solve technological, operational and financial challenges by integrating the full range of our capabilities to deliver effective solutions. One BV approach provides our clients with a unique solution package that other smaller or regional firms are unable to provide.

Black & Veatch Management Consulting professionals bring a global level of power industry experience to facilitate the investment, design, construction and operationalization of a clean, distributed and intelligent grid required to serve a changing energy economy. As a leading global advisor to utilities, commercial organizations and investors, we facilitate the development of the next-gen infrastructure, and manage and advise on projects that align with market solutions.

A focus on working to facilitate and operationalize reliable, efficient and value-laden oil and gas assets has made our consultant highly regarded in this industry segment. In an increasingly demanding regulatory environment, we work to help our industry participants improve their overall decision-making, risk management, asset portfolio optimization through transaction support, and safety performance.  Our “Owner Advisors” also work with our clients to help them manage and align their market solutions to meet the needs to support the next generation of asset intelligence.

With more than 11,000 professionals globally, we can provide an exceptional level of experience and reliability.

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