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Advisory & Planning

Rate & Regulatory Services

Global experts providing comprehensive rate and regulatory services including rate case advisory and testimony support. Skilled analysts provide advisory services to guide investment planning.

We know rate & regulatory services

Black & Veatch Management Consulting provides an unparalleled level of experience advising on utility rate cases and regulatory proceedings. Our skilled professionals are experienced in supporting accounting, ratemaking, rate case planning, cost of services analysis, tax, capital determination, depreciations and valuation studies. We have represented utilities in North America in thousands of hours of testimony with the highest level of professional credibility and expertise.

Our hands-on capabilities delivering rate design for distributed energy resource customers is highly regarded. We are actively designing rate structures for utilities with a growing penetration of DER customers across North America.

Evaluation, design and implementation of innovative ratemaking mechanisms for utilities operations have been rapidly expanding. We are currently consulting with utilities on the development of straight, fixed-variable rate design, revenue decoupling mechanisms, weather normalization adjustment mechanisms as well as regulatory and filing support. Our knowledge of the underlying concepts of a utility’s ratemaking can deliver desired policy, financial and market objectives to stakeholders.

With a deep understanding of costing methods and related analysis, we are able to deliver important utility costing models. These models have been used across North America to support rate case and support expert testimony. The depth of our team of professionals sets us apart from other utility consultants.

Rate Case Management & Advisory

Global experts experienced, recognized in regulatory case management and advisory services. 

Expert Testimony, Regulatory Advisory

Highly regards industry experts with decades of experience provide expert testimony for rate and regulatory legal proceedings. 

Financial Planning, Cost of Service Advisory

Experience consulting analyst skilled in financial, regulatory and market economics able to provide comprehensive planning services. 

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Technology Investment Consulting

Technology innovation experts able to review and analyze to determine value and investment opportunity perspectives. 

Stormwater Utility Development

Helping clients address critical stormwater infrastructure issues, regulatory compliance requirements and financial resilience. 

Performance Based Regulation

Analyst and consulting experts skilled in delivery reports to evaluate performance to support regulation and compliance requirements. 

Industry experts - rate, regulatory, financial advisory

For decades, our Advisory & Planning professionals have been the go-to partner for clients looking for support in managing capital deployment, energy resources, water assets, novel technology innovations and more. We advise clients in a broad range of transaction advisory services tailored to each client's unique needs, as well as transformational changes to utility services and pricing in the energy industry. In recent years, our professionals have been recognized globally for their leadership and expertise in energy storage technology and product certification.

Owners and operators of infrastructure assets and systems require holistic infrastructure consulting capabilities, consultants who understand how a change in one piece of the enterprise can impact assets, costs, technologies, the workforce and customers.

At the global level, our Advisory & Planning professionals work with energy, water and fuel asset owners and operators to provide economic, regulatory and technology investment consulting to develop and execute plans that add value by optimizing asset and business portfolios. Owners and operators of infrastructure assets and systems require holistic infrastructure consulting capabilities, consultants who understand how a change in one piece of the enterprise can impact assets, costs, technologies, the workforce and customers.

Many of our Advisory & Planning professionals are based near major financial centers such as Singapore, Hong Kong and New York, New York, providing our clients in the financial community with easy access to our team. 

Black & Veatch Management Consulting provides integrated strategy, transaction advisory, business operations, regulatory and technology solutions for the power, water and oil & gas industries. Our highly experienced team of professional consultants bring together combined expertise in advanced analytics and practical business sense with extensive technology and engineering capabilities. We deliver solutions that work best for your program needs, organization, assets and customers.

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