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Rather than being reactive and responding to an emergency, mining companies can be proactive and forward-thinking with regard to their water acquisition and consumption. Drought often impacts the entire mining industry. It can prompt governments to change laws relating to water rights in order to protect aquifers. In response, mining companies can turn to alternative means of supplies, such as seawater or brackish desalination, water recycling or water reuse.

Black & Veatch has a team of professionals dedicated to the mining industry that fully understand the complexities of large mining operations and their special water and environmental needs. They can tap into the global experience of water and wastewater professional across the company to find the right solutions for each unique situation.

For example, the Escondida Water Supply project in Chile, which Black & Veatch is involved with, will deliver 57 million gallons of treated seawater per day to the Escondida mine, the largest copper mine in the world.

Black & Veatch can provide comprehensive solutions for water management, including climate and hydrological studies, water balances, water storage structures, infrastructure to manage contact and non-contact water, and water treatment. We are able to provide comprehensive water treatment solutions to the mining industry, including for acid rock drainage, arsenic, heavy metals, sulphates, TDS and cyanide.

Our water and environmental solutions include:

Black & Veatch understands the unique environmental challenges facing the industry and offer solutions that are resilient, sustainable and efficient.

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