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Power Industries

Combined Heat & Power

Integration of on-site power generation, specifically Combined Heat and Power, has the potential to enhance reliability for critical operations and drive energy cost savings. Our experience includes steam generation and distribution systems from 100,000 pph to over 1 million pph.

Combined Heat & Power Solutions

Your project team will include integrated resource plan specialists and cost estimators, and as a technology-neutral provider, we work with all technologies at every scale to identify the best solution.

  • Combustion turbines.
  • Reciprocating engines.
  • Fuel cells.
  • Microturbines.

The greatest value to our clients is establishing a clear path from conceptual design to commissioning and operation of your CHP. A comprehensive plan combined with proven implementation strategies saves time and money. Our evaluations detail critical project milestones and possible issues, as well as financial, operational and environmental considerations.

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