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Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Black & Veatch’s complete suite of environmental services reduce project risk for our clients worldwide. To the communities our clients serve, our solutions provide the peace of mind that comes with safe and clean air, soil and water.

  • Air Quality Control (AQC)
  • Permits, licenses, and regulatory compliance.
  • Facility siting and routing.
  • Ecological studies.
  • Wetlands delineation and mitigation.
  • Acoustical studies.
  • Environmental and social impact assessments and management plans.
  • Remediation
  • Floodplain modeling and restoration.
  • GIS and spatial analysis.
  • River restoration.
  • Habitat creation and management.
  • Geomorphology / Hydromorphology assessments.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental due diligence and compliance work helps clients evaluate the risks and solutions associated with potential transactions. We provide clients a clear picture of the issues they may face by assessing both ecological and regulatory concerns. As leaders in air quality control for the energy industry, we work closely with the Environmental Protection Agency in environmental remediation.

Effectively negotiating permit conditions to maximize operational flexibility is a specialized field, and we provide this unique service via well-established relationships with agencies and our knowledge of regulations. Our ongoing environmental management services, such as compliance assessments and permit renewals, help our clients achieve their stewardship objectives.

Leverage the unique combination of our in-house scientists, permitting specialists, biologists, regulatory experts, meteorologists, environmental assessors, and socio-economists to develop an integrated approach that meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements.

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