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Power Industries

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

As solar photovoltaic (PV) becomes the fastest-growing form of energy generation on the globe, the associated capital costs continue to decrease. Solar projects are quickly reaching parity with other forms of new generation. They also tie in seamlessly with various microgrid and distributed energy resource (DER) projects, which makes solar an attractive option for smart city initiatives.

Renewable energy is trending from large, centralized generation to a distributed model. The rapid growth of DER, with a focus on sustainability, is putting pressure not only on grid operation and infrastructure, but also on financial returns as customers consider generating their own power.

Black & Veatch can support renewable energy needs for both customer-sited and utility-owned projects. Our goal is to find the best solution to meet the business requirements and operational needs of our clients. A full-service approach unites engineers, consultants, policy experts, construction managers, and execution resources to create a tailor-made program to fit your needs.

  • Rate structuring.
  • Development of renewable incentive programs.
  • Siting and interconnection studies.
  • Distribution system planning.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Technology selection.

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