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Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Alternative Fuel Vehicles & Infrastructure

As the nation works to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build sustainability, the momentum behind clean vehicle technologies is surging. We align in-house site acquisition, engineering, permitting and construction teams to deliver extensive charging and fueling networks that validate these important emerging technologies. We work to support clean vehicle adoption, advance clean transportation and sustainability.

Emerging technologies need market growth to remain viable, and city sustainability goals atrophy without clean transportation options. Our concurrent, multi-site deployment approaches launch a wider network of clean transportation technology more quickly that competitors, which builds consumer confidence, grows the market and reduces risk.

The integration of energy and transportation – two of the most extensive, complicated and valuable economic sectors in the United States – is a massive challenge that requires cross-disciplinary coordination. As EV charging networks expand and adoption rises, we help utilities and cities understand:

  • Total generation capacity, including distributed energy resources.
  • Overall energy use and predicted draws from the grid.
  • Ideal EV charging locations.
  • Virtual Power Plant planning and programming.
  • Vehicle-grid integration (VGI).
  • Communications networks needed to support emerging grid technologies.

Clean transportation technologies are essential components of a smart city. Our EV charging and FCV fueling deployment approaches accelerate speed to market, minimize community impact and maximize public support.  Through this evolution, our nation can achieve clean transportation and true energy sustainability.

We Advance Clean Transportation Technology

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