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Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars and trucks are here. Driven by economics, they will continue to grow exponentially in the next two decades. How we deliver goods, the ownership of personal vehicles, ridesharing, public transportation – these all will take new shapes as autonomous vehicles (AVs) accelerate.

Cities, utilities, industry players and policymakers are quickly scaling to deliver on AVs, which promise to be safer, faster, more cost-effective, and cleaner for our health and environment than yesterday’s mobility systems.

Open data and technology integrations, 5G wireless broadband, efficient data storage and management, stakeholder collaboration, and people-focused urban planning will make AV deployment successful.

With expertise in telecommunications, data centers, data and program management, and smart city master planning, Black & Veatch brings crucial skills and experience to AV planning and infrastructure development. Electric vehicle charging and communications infrastructure, seamlessly integrated into cities and utilities, is essential to support the wave of autonomous vehicles, which are launching on electric platforms.

Black & Veatch has deployed more than 1,000 electric vehicle charging sites and is working with vehicle OEMs, charging providers and fleet managers to plan and deploy depot and distributed infrastructure for Autonomous Vehicles, Transportation as a Service (TaaS), and delivery service vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicle Stakeholders

A strong AV future depends on collaboration. Black & Veatch works with all stakeholders to ensure seamless planning and integration.

  • Understand impact of distributed and aggregated AV/EV charging along distribution lines.
  •  Establish managed charging and infrastructure programs.
  • Develop future state business models and mobility apps that align with Transportation-as-a-Service (TAAS).
  • Quantify electric charging infrastructure needs along travel routes.
  • Consider core network connectivity, security, and infrastructure deployments that are foundational to support TAAS solutions.
  • Focus on critical densification to enable 5G.
  • Envision a future state that aligns with changing mobility that could require leaps in innovative product development.
  • Embrace connected, autonomous vehicle development and secure data platforms.
  • Share data to inform electrification planning and charging operations.
  • Integrate public transit with first mile / last mile AV technology.
  • Enact policies and projects that focus on congestion reduction, zero-emissions, and AV/EV/CV technologies.

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