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Water Industries

Climate Change Resilience

We help communities to build resilience in the face of drought, natural disaster or climate change.

Climate Change Resilience Solutions

Our team of experts can plan, design and build sustainable projects for drainage, flood and coastal defense, estuarine, and river basin management. We work closely with developers and planning authorities to protect people and property, guard habitats and safeguard the wider environment. Black & Veatch brings the resources and commitment to ensure success for integrated river, coastal and harbor projects.

The Black & Veatch team of experts can predict the impacts associated with sea level rise, land subsidence and flood events, but the engagement of all stakeholders in the final solution is critical to finding successful outcomes.

In addition to coastal resilience and flood mitigation and adaptation, we have helped clients to develop integrated strategies to adapt to water scarcity and drought. Our approaches have included water conservation, climate risk management and integrated supply planning to develop new water resources that are less susceptible to climate change.

Black & Veatch’s job is to deliver sustainable projects. We help to protect habitats, fish and eel populations, and precious ecosystems for the long term. Our environmental scientists share their knowledge of changes in water quality, soil and topography, flows, sediments and land use. We convey how those changes affect the presence of endangered, protected or exotic species. We also provide an understanding of hydrological patterns and how to deal with key ecological driving forces.

Black & Veatch in the News

World Water: Stormwater Management

Sustainable Water Supply Turning Asia’s Flood Challenges into Opportunities

Across many of Asia Pacific’s densely populated cities, we are seeing utilities explore integrated water resources management approaches that mitigate stormwater risks as well as boosting water supply. Black & Veatch’s James Currie, Prabha Kumar and Andy Kwok recently reported in World Water: Stormwater Management how bold strategies are strengthening the region’s resilience.

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World Water

New Urgency in Adopting Stormwater to Strengthen Water Resiliency

Andy Kwok, managing director at Black & Veatch Hong Kong, shares his perspective with World Water on the rising trend in advanced stormwater management by utilities in the Asia Pacific region.

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