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UAV Inspection Solutions

Integrated unmanned aerial vehicle  inspection solutions can save utilities on operating costs, improve asset data quality and availability, extend asset life and reduce safety risks.

UAV Inspection Solutions

Utilizing unmanned aerial vehicle's (UAV) for infrastructure asset management is a more flexible alternative to traditional solutions for inspecting large, complex structures.

In a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, our UAV solutions satisfy Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and enable optimized asset performance analysis and maintenance programs.


Benefits of a UAV Inspection Program

  • Safety: Improved safety achieved by moving people away from high energy sources
  • Speed: Heightened productivity resulting from more rapid inspection performance utilizing automation both during flight as well as during the condition review process
  • Data Quality and Availability: Increased data quality derived from full energy spectrum pictography, high definition photos, structured data collection, and over time trend analysis
  • Long-Term Value: Strengthened asset risk management, investment management, and operations and maintenance management driven by more timely and complete, higher quality data acquisition and analysis

Implementing a UAV Program

Implementing a UAV asset inspection program should encompass the following considerations:

  • Regulatory, legal and insurance concerns
  • Forms design for data collection of transmission or distribution assets
  • New business process development and implementation
  • Post-flight data processing, analytics and subsequent remediation or monitoring activities
  • Development of new risk and other analytical algorithms to take advantage of image data
  • Technology systems integration
  • Longer-term deployment of newer and upgraded platforms, automation and navigation techniques both from structure to structure and around individual structures
  • Potential changes to design strategies for future new construction to incorporate utilization of UAV platforms
  • Potential dedicated network and data transfer requirements 
End to End Solution

Black & Veatch and its network of industry-leading partners can support a utility’s line of sight and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) needs. We will work with you to develop a solution that addresses compliance, inspection and asset management requirements. Based on your organization’s needs, the Black & Veatch Team can prepare two long-term deployment approaches for your consideration; one involving adoption of an ‘in-house’ solution and an alternative wherein our team implements an integrated outsourcing model with you benefiting from the data, analytics, and operational improvements without having to invest in developing the new technical, operational, and regulatory competencies involved in launching an in-house enterprise UAV program.

We tailor solutions to client needs with flexible options such as co-op package approaches and dedicated command and control/data transfer networks.

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