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Capital Maintenance Comes to the Forefront in the UK
Private companies in the UK have favored capital investment for the creation of new assets as the best way to achieve their service, environmental and quality targets. Looking to the future, new assets are likely to be the solution of last, rather than first, resort.
Natural Gas Storage Operators Bracing for Regulatory Impact
Storage solutions continue to drive natural gas’s prominence as part of a balanced power portfolio. However, in order to realize natural gas storage potential, industry organizations will first need to manage the array of associated federal and state regulations.
Hybrid Energy Systems, Microgrids Reduce Costs for Indonesia's Mining Industry
Indonesia’s mine operators face the challenge of powering critical operations in remote locations far away from an electric power grid.In areas such as Kalimantan, Sumatera and other eastern parts of Indonesia, operators often use diesel generation to fuel their operations. Fluctuating fuel costs, high consumption, unreliable delivery channels and risky storage tanks are common challenges faced.
Mitigating Risks in Utility Ratemaking
Throughout their lifetimes, a vital activity for utilities is the periodic filing of rate cases. The key word here is “periodic,” as utilities may go several years or even a decade between rate cases. That can make it a major ordeal when the time does arrive for the utility to approach the state utility regulatory commission or municipal board and plead its case. In short, it can be a very intense and nerve-racking process.
Cyber Security to Move from the Headline to the Bottom Line
With growing awareness of the risks from cyber attacks, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has taken steps to enhance U.S. cyber security standards. Its plan seeks to improve the resiliency of critical network operations in electric generation, distribution and transmission systems. The ripple effects of compliance is being felt throughout the U.S. electric utility sector and beyond.
Reservoir Storage Needs Will Increase as World Population Grows
With thousands around the globe, dams play an integral part in providing the world with irrigation, hydropower, flood control and water supply. In tackling water scarcity challenges, the role of dams and the reservoirs they create is intertwined with the broader portfolio of solutions for watershed planning and water management.
Emerging Technologies Work to Conquer the Grand Challenge of Energy
The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that global energy consumption will increase by 56 percent by 2040 compared to 2010 levels. This growth in energy demand is occurring alongside the global agreements to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels.
Electric Utilities Must Prepare for New Roles in the Smart City Transformation
Electric utilities are facing a need and opportunity to transform their business due to the bidirectional nature of distributed generation and energy storage. This is just one of several fundamental changes that the smart cities movement is driving to reshape how fundamental services are delivered and managed.
Remote Mining: A Look at Sophisticated Communications Networks
An IT revolution is underway in the mining industry, and any investment in communications infrastructure needs to be both strategic and holistic in its planning. Leading mining companies have made significant advances in automation of operations – including drilling, haulage trucks and autonomous trains – from remote control centers in Perth.
Tech-Blazing 5G
5G could propel digitalization across industries, but making this jump requires technology trailblazing. While technology selection and construction could vary greatly among carriers, there are five technologies that are getting a lot of 5G buzz.
Coastal States Take the Lead in Alternative Water Innovations
Alternative water supply (AWS) is taking on a more prominent role in portfolios particularly in coastal U.S. regions that face unique water challenges such as drought and seawater intrusion. California, Florida and Texas are moving forward with projects to develop and maximize alternative water supplies to meet demand and achieve sustainability and resilience goals.

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