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A Foundation for Knowing Your Cyber Vulnerabilities

Advanced technologies have the potential to profoundly change the face of mining forever

The digital revolution is happening. Advanced technologies that blend hardware and software with Big Data – a combination of automation, Wi-Fi sensor technologies, cloud-based systems and data analytics – have the potential to profoundly change the face of mining forever.

These technologies show good promise to safeguard health and safety, improve collaboration, increase operational efficiency and productivity, and strengthen resilience while ensuring long-term sustainability and profitability. But as digital systems and connected devices become more prevalent, mining companies need to remain diligent in keeping cybersecurity top of mind.

The number, frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks continue to increase across all industries as hostile actors seek to inflict harm – disrupting operations, damaging equipment and the environment, and causing injury to personnel. No industry is immune to the challenge, and today’s technologically advanced mining operations are at risk.

Overall, the mining industry is being proactive when it comes to establishing cybersecurity programs. Ensuring security is a highly complex endeavor for any industry, but perhaps more so for mining, which involves large-scale, geographically dispersed locations with thousands of assets.