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Four Steps Towards a Data-Driven Service Promise that Delights

Customer service has never been more central to UK utilities' success. At its heart this means keeping the lights on and the taps running – at a price customers can afford.

The pressure to deliver comes from customers with an ever-expanding choice of suppliers, and regulators needing to demonstrably act in customers' interests. Witness these words to water executives from Ofwat's David Black, "I want to make a few warnings on resilience before I finish. We expect companies spending customers' money to be clear about the outcomes they are trying to deliver for their customers, about where the risks to the delivery of those outcomes lie, and to include cost-effective risk mitigation in their plans;" or Chief Ombudsman, Lewis Shand Smith, on the energy sector, "Consumers are rightly more demanding of their energy suppliers than ever before, taking service as well as cost into account."

Asset investment remains central to meeting customers' needs and regulatory compliance. Looking forward the Department of Energy and Climate Change estimates that circa £110 billion of new investment will be required in energy infrastructure between 2012 and 2020. Looking back, water companies in England and Wales have invested £130 billion since privatisation in 1989.

For 21st Century utilities data is the key to ensuring that this vast, and ever-increasing asset base can meet the needs of customers and regulators. More data, better data and – most importantly – better data analysis, to provide the insights to outperform financial and operational targets.

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