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2017 Strategic Directions:Natural Gas Industry Report

LNG Technology, Infrastructure Requirements Push Collaborative Natural Gas Solutions

The 2017 Strategic Directions: Natural Gas Industry Report continues the discussion of how sustained low commodity prices are affecting all elements of the natural gas value chain. With current forecasts indicating prices will remain flat for an extended period, sector leaders are adjusting with many taking a proactive, longer-term approach to planning as projections push a market rebound further into the next decade.

Low natural gas prices, as well as evolving global market dynamics, are considerably impacting supply and demand trends worldwide. Trade relations, growing population centers and emerging production leaders are influencing factors such as gas production and transport. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefaction capacity, for example, are drastically changing the volume of supply available to global markets. All along the value chain, organizations are working toward more efficient and sustainable systems. Data analytics, workforce management, and physical security and cybersecurity issues continue to challenge the industry. Additionally, in the United States, a new presidential administration has stoked discussion on regulatory impacts to natural gas providers and storage facility operators.