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Mining Companies: Sharing Resources with Integrated Infrastructure

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Webinar: Optimizing Long-Term Electricity Supply in Mining

Traditionally, mining companies have built their own infrastructure at greenfield sites, and due to necessity, constructed their own supporting “pit to port” infrastructure, including power and water supply schemes, roads and railways. However, as a result of growing cost pressures and increasing capital to build new greenfield operations, a trend is developing, whereby mining companies are seeking opportunities to share resources to save on expenses.

"The trend of individually owned major infrastructure is starting to move toward integration and sharing," said Dennis Gibson, Chief Technical Officer for mining at Black & Veatch. “Apart from cost pressures, this movement is also being encouraged by government and regulation, to better utilize scarce resources such as water and power, and to reduce environmental impact.”

“Governments recognize this as an opportunity to leverage the mining-related infrastructure for regional economic development. The result is greenfield mines are being designed with integrated infrastructure that is shared with the local community and, increasingly, competitors.”

Dennis Gibson, Chief Technical Officer for mining at Black & Veatch