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Public Safety Consulting: Independent Third Party Can Offer Best Guidance for Upgrade

Land mobile radio (LMR) systems have evolved over the years to become highly sophisticated IP-based communications systems that connect thousands of citizens to municipal and public safety services.

When it comes time to upgrade or replace the systems, having an experienced independent party to conduct a needs assessment and provide system planning allows decision makers to receive objective guidance. This can lead to obtaining the radio communication system that best fits a community’s needs, according to Greg Munchrath, Regional Director for Black & Veatch’s telecommunications business.

Munchrath said the process of identifying critical user needs both currently and for the foreseeable future is the first stage in the process, but it can often involve complex side issues such as managing stakeholder expectations, vendor politics and intense lobbying.

“Selecting a system vendor without encountering a protest from other parties can be a challenge for agencies. We can help with the process by determining the best approach, by providing advice and counsel on project issues, and by thoroughly evaluating each vendor’s proposal.”

Greg Munchrath, Regional Director, Connected Communities