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Strategic Urban Infrastructure: The Layers of “Smart”

The future of Connected Communities relies upon strategic urban infrastructure that arises from the critical Smart City layers of Infrastructure, data, and telecommunications. But how can we help cities, utilities, and telecom providers move beyond the smart city hype and find beneficial use of these critical components?

As clients move toward the goal of achieving Smart Cities and next generation Connected Communities, they need roadmaps to guide them in meshing infrastructure with digital assets, and to achieve solutions for sustainability, resilience, economic vitality, citizen engagement, and improved quality of life.

Fred Ellermeier shared insights into new technologies and planning approaches in a Hangout hosted by the World Smart Cities Forum. Listen to the World Smart City Hangout to learn more about:

  • Applying the use of advanced Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to collect, communicate and analyze data that improves the design and operation of a city’s systems and allows every citizen the ability to engage.
  • Major forces driving the adoption of Smarter Technologies and Data Analytics.
  • Highlights from Black & Veatch’s Smart City/Smart Utility Report that identifies what cities are doing and planning.
  • Data-driven approaches to inform city planning and performance. 
  • How Black & Veatch works with clients like the City of Chula Vista as they develop their waterfront redevelopment program.



World Smart City Hangout with Fred Ellermeier

World Smart City Hangout


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