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2018 Strategic Directions:Electric Report

The New Energy Economy

The annual Black & Veatch Strategic Directions: Electric Report explores progress made throughout the year across the electric utility landscape.  

This year’s report investigates the progress made by the industry as it continues to evolve into its future self, while also addresses new areas: a rapidly changing customer base, commercial defection from the grid, advanced technologies and a changing regulatory landscape, to name but a few.


Reliability and resilience are still the cornerstones of the industry and remain top of mind for all customer classes. Natural disasters serve as frequent reminders of how delicate our critical infrastructure can be — not to mention the security risks (both cyber and physical) inherent in our increasingly connected world.

Meanwhile, cities, states and large corporations – driven by greater flexibility and a growing focus on efficiency and sustainability – are making plans to invest in renewable energy and alternative generation in a bid to declare their energy independence.

It’s an exciting time, full of opportunity, evolution and change. These themes, and many more, are explored in this year’s report.

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  • The New Energy Economy

    The energy ecosystem is changing, driven by the advent of distributed energy, increased competition, advanced technologies and evolving expectations. As the traditional business model changes, utilities are seeking new opportunities for revenue – but getting there is another story. Enabled by renewable technologies, enhanced connectivity and mobile-optimized products and services, tomorrow’s opportunities appear limitless.

  • The Future of Energy

    The concept of “new energy” has ushered in a global movement dedicated to clean energy technology and innovation. Today more than ever, we’re seeing experts from all sectors — academia, finance, corporations, utilities and tech incubators — come together in combined efforts. Rapid change is afoot in the marketplace, grid systems and business models, raising the question: What does the future hold?

  • Integrating Renewables in the Grid: A Snapshot of Progress

    Utilities increasingly are turning to solar and wind to generate power, but concerns linger over the potential for renewable energy sources, with their inherent uncertainty and variability, to adversely impact today’s grid. Just a few years ago, the industry predicted that the grid could handle only 30 percent of its power from renewables; today, we’re seeing integration on a much larger scale.

  • As Large Corporations Go Green, Utilities Are Feeling the Loss

    Plunging costs of solar power and growing concerns of climate change are inspiring ranks of the largest private and Fortune 500 companies to pursue aggressive renewable energy goals for sustainability, cost effectiveness and resiliency. This has left utilities with the sobering question of whether to significantly invest in green infrastructure to keep these large customers or watch large, rate-paying customers defect, taking considerable revenues with them.


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