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Data Analytics: Understanding Why It Should Be Part of Your Next Infrastructure Project

It used to be that the quality of infrastructure was measured by its lifespan. Water systems might last a century, and power plants at least half that. Those were measurements of solid assets, well worth the investment. But today, dependable infrastructure is just not enough. While it must be resilient and have an extended life cycle, now it must also be intelligent and communicate with other systems in ways that were unknown only a few years ago.

This changing landscape – the convergence of multiple systems that run energy, water, telecom and transportation – has led to the creation of Black & Veatch’s Smart Integrated Infrastructure (SII) business and its innovative data analytics platform called ASSET360™.

ASSET360 gathers and analyzes vast amounts of data to help users understand their system’s behavior and make more informed decisions. The cloud-based platform applies a wide range of math and visual tools to assure that the needed actions are identified and taken.

“ASSET360 eliminates the guesswork. You find out what is going on in your system that you would not be able to detect with the natural eye or the natural mind.”

Fred Ellermeier, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Smart Integrated Infrastructure for Black & Veatch