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Investing in Innovation

NextGen Ag

Better food, better planet.

Black & Veatch’s NextGen Ag team helps bring new agricultural technologies to life. From vertical farming to cell-based meats, B&V has the engineering and construction solutions to bring novel food production methods to market at scale. Reshaping our food system will require massive change. B&V has the experience and skillsets to unlock the potential of the next generation of food technologies.

Emerging Technologies

NextGen Ag is focused on providing solutions for several new emerging technologies. From drones to smart farm apps, AgTech spans a wide variety of diverse solutions. Black & Veatch’s NextGen Ag team focuses on AgTech solutions that allow us to leverage deep knowledge and expertise from parallel industries.

2019 Strategic Directions: Commercial & Industrial Report

Food and Beverage Leaders Turn to Renewable Energy, Circular Solutions for Cost-Savings


From food safety and regulatory compliance to packaging and supply chain logistics, the food and beverage industry is constantly hunting for solutions that balance profitability and sustainability. With market share increasingly on the line – particularly for large consumer goods companies – food and beverage companies are being squeezed to analyze every cost. According to Black & Veatch’s 2019 Strategic Directions: Commercial & Industrial Report survey, the industry overall is taking a closer look at energy management.

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Featured NextGen Ag Content

Black & Veatch’s NextGen Ag team is contributing to the conversations around the next generation of food and agricultural technologies. From participating in thought leadership and conferences to sharing insights for the general promotion of the industry, Black & Veatch is committed to ushering in a new sustainable era of food and agricultural production.

Growth Accelerator Incubator Teams in the News

Close of Business

A podcast for young professionals in the STEM industries discussing innovations that excite. Episode 16's of the 21st Century Agriculture series features real-world ‘ag-startup’ that is breaking ground in providing infrastructure solutions to rapidly expanding indoor agricultural applications.

How NextGen Agriculture Can Feed a Growing World

Population growth, water shortages, climate change and increasingly infertile land mean sustainable agriculture will be vital to feeding the world in the not-to-distant future. Learn more about solution applications to tackle food production challenges.

The Good Food Institute

GFI is dedicated to accelerating the growth of plant-based meat and clean meat - two promising emerging food technologies. Zack Olson, co-founder of Black & Veatch's NextGen Agriculture business joined leaders from life sciences, chemistry and other companies to discuss how growing the business of clean meat can leverage the knowledge of these parallel industries to accelerate progress.

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