Alternative & Renewable Energy

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Black & Veatch and its professionals represent some of the earliest pioneers of utility-scale renewable energy. As demand rises for clean energy solutions, Black & Veatch provides comprehensive bankability, planning, siting, design and construction services for all types of renewable resource development.



  • Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Energy

    As solar photovoltaic (PV) becomes the fastest growing form of energy generation on the globe, the capital cost associated continues to decrease. Solar projects are quickly reaching parity with other forms of new generation. They also tie in seamlessly with various Microgrid and distributed energy resource (DER) projects, which makes solar an attractive option for “Smart City” initiatives.

    With deep industry leadership in project development, independent engineering and bankability, construction only and complete solar engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), we can provide planning and execution of rooftop and distributed solar projects, as well as management of distributed solar on the grid and in communities. We’re also a leader in concentrating solar thermal technologies.

  • Wind Energy

    How can you be sure that your site is ideal for wind energy? Wind Resource Assessments analyze all factors associated with your project site, weighing the environmental data to make your wind development project more bankable and drive certainty in your future revenue stream.

    As regulations and incentives change over the course of time, and facilities need repowering or replacement, a highly experienced partner can guide the process toward optimized output and revenue. Understanding the market, various regulatory program changes, and geographic considerations is critical to a successful project. Black & Veatch can assist with site selection, environmental permitting, financial due diligence for owners and financiers, and transmission and interconnection support.

  • Biomass and Bioenergy

    We are one of the most broad-based providers of bioenergy systems and services in the world. We have provided services for more than 125 bioenergy projects in the United States and more than 60 in the UK. Our projects have included a wide variety of applications and fuel sources, including conventional combustion, co-firing, combined heat and power, gasification, pyrolysis, plasma arc, anaerobic digestion and torrefaction.

  • Hydropower

    Black & Veatch has delivered more than 500 projects, representing more than 50,000 megawatts in hydropower design worldwide. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that align with the life cycle of a project. Single-source solutions allow clients to focus on their businesses and simplify an otherwise complex project/program. Learn more about Hydropower and Hydraulic Structures.

  • Marine Energy

    With our dual expertise in the energy and water industries, we’ve worked on tidal and wave power projects for more than a decade. We’re helping investors, project and technology developers, utilities, and government agencies to convert the power of the ocean into energy.

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