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Alternative & Renewable Energy

The ever-increasing demand for renewable energy presents new challenges for power producers given the variable nature of generation and distributed nature of assets.

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Black & Veatch helps our global clients navigate these challenges by developing dependable, sustainable and integrated renewable energy solutions:

Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Energy - We have deep industry leadership in project development support, independent engineering and bankability, and solar engineering, procurement, construction and consulting (EPC). We provide planning and execution of rooftop and distributed solar projects, as well as management of distributed solar on the grid and in communities. We’re also a leader in concentrating solar thermal technologies.

Wind Energy - Our global wind energy project experience includes wind resource evaluation and production estimates, review of advanced technologies, project development, detailed design, and implementation assistance. Black & Veatch can assist with site selection, environmental permitting, financial due diligence for owners and financiers, as well as transmission and interconnection support.

Energy Storage - We have experience with all energy storage technologies, including batteries, compressed air, flywheels and pumped storage hydro. We have also developed SmartES, a comprehensive energy storage computer modeling software. This program helps our clients determine optimal energy storage system sizing, duty cycle for multiple operating functions, and performance.

Biomass - We’ve worked with all forms of bioenergy systems, including production of power from woody biomass, municipal solid waste, agricultural waste fuels and biogas; solid fuels such as refuse-derived fuel; and liquid fuels including ethanol and biodiesel. Projects have included conventional combustion, cofiring, combined heat and power (CHP), gasification, pyrolysis, plasma arc, anaerobic digestion and torrefaction.

Small-Scale Renewables - Black & Veatch can support small-scale renewable energy needs such as rate structuring; development of renewable incentive programs; siting and interconnection studies; distribution system planning; feasibility studies; and technology selection. We also can provide renewable energy through power purchase agreements.

Marine Energy - With our dual expertise in the energy and water industries, we’ve worked on tidal and wave power projects for more than a decade. We’re helping investors, project and technology developers, utilities, and government agencies to convert the power of the ocean into energy.

Hydropower - Hydropower and hydraulic structures are among our core specialties, as Black & Veatch is a global leader in both energy and water facilities.

Black & Veatch is a turnkey partner for independent engineering, owner’s engineer, and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). We ensure clients experience safe, seamless and successful projects. Our professionals help identify performance indicators, conduct tests and monitor operations. We develop tools clients can use to confidently manage assets for top performance and the highest financial rewards.

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