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Combustion Turbine

Our combustion turbine services include site selection, permitting, feasibility analysis, technology selection, design and construction.

Combustion Turbine

We provide operations support, and our services are flexible to include development, engineering only, lump-sum turnkey projects and other alternative approaches. Our engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) turnkey projects are delivered on a self-perform, joint venture or consortia basis. 

Simple Cycle

We provide large frame simple cycle turbine projects and expertise for clients by evaluating reciprocating engines as an alternative to simple cycle. Regardless of the design, we help clients reliably generate power when they need it most.

Combined Cycle

Our combined cycle expertise gives clients access to the best equipment, demonstrated by our first-hand experience with combustion turbines from every major manufacturer, including the latest “F”, “G”,”H” and “J” class machines.

Combined Cycle Conversion

When clients want to convert simple cycle facilities into optimized combined cycle facilities, we make it happen. Clients are positioned to improve efficiency and meet growing demand.


Black & Veatch has executed cogeneration projects for new and existing sites and plant expansions. Clients can plan on reliable, efficient steam delivery and avoid industrial operating disruptions.


Black & Veatch brings the experience and project management skills to convert an aging thermal power plant into a clean, efficient facility with optimum life-cycle cost. We’re using modern combustion turbines and heat recovery steam generators to help clients restore and extend the value of their assets.


We have completed numerous industrial and combined heat-and-power (CHP) projects involving various power generation and steam supply sources, including:                    

  • Combustion turbines.
  • Reciprocating engines.
  • Package or heat recovery boilers.
  • Steam turbines.
  • Micro turbines.
  • Gasification of renewable fuel sources for use in turbines.
  • District heating.
  • LNG integration.

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