Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Leading the rapidly evolving energy storage market, Black & Veatch utilizes all practical energy storage technologies, including batteries, flywheels, pumped storage hydro and compressed air. From utility- to small-scale projects, our services span the life cycle from planning and development to installation, grid integration and asset management for operations and maintenance.

Working with Black & Veatch provides the opportunity to utilize experience gained from over 20 years in the energy storage business. This experience guides our clients in determining optimal energy storage system sizing, duty cycles for serving multiple operating functions, and ideal performance variables among which are operating parameters like cycle rate, ramp rate, operating temperatures, etc. Combining robust engineering-based analytics with close working relationships with equipment suppliers, and industry-available software we determine battery sizing, performance and cycle life expectations, as well as expected project financial performance for the system selected use case(s).

Black & Veatch can provide a full turn-key solution based on our extensive experience with power delivery: substation and interconnection.


Shell Microgrid Doubles as Research Lab for Testing New Energy Solutions

Houston, TX - U.S.A.


Black & Veatch designed and constructed a microgrid that brings together battery energy storage technology and other elements to create a sustainable, resilient, flexible microgrid system, used to generate power and serve as a working test lab to explore advancements in renewable energy.

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Microgrid with Energy Storage System Promotes Reliability and Sustainability

Overland Park, KS - U.S.A. 


To help clients realize greater levels of sustainability and to ensure reliable operations, Black & Veatch constructed a microgrid to power the company’s Innovation Pavilion at its World Headquarters. The microgrid system uses renewable energy, natural gas and a 100 kW lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS).

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Scalable, Plug-and-Play Power Solution Provides Resiliency to Hurricane-Affected School

Yabucoa, Puerto Rico


A coalition led by Black & Veatch donated tens of thousands of dollars in technology along with the manpower to provide a new, solar-driven power source for the SU Manuel Ortiz in Yabucoa, ground zero of Hurricane Maria. The modular "SunCrate" uses solar PV panels, inverters and batteries to store and provide electric power.

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Strategic Directions Reports

The annual Strategic Directions Report series offers analysis and insights into key issues and trends facing the smart cities and utilities, electric, natural gas, and water utility sectors. Drawing insights from industry leaders from around the globe, we dive into immediate and long-term market needs, allowing us to continually measure industry progress, market shifts and emerging challenges to drive infrastructure transformation.

2018 Electric Report 

Today’s energy ecosystem is changing, spurred by a global movement dedicated to clean energy technology and innovation. Traditional grid systems and business models are evolving, building pressure on the electric industry to seek new opportunities for revenue in an increasingly competitive market. Meanwhile, cities, states and large corporations are making plans to invest in renewable energy in a bid to declare their energy independence. Black & Veatch's 2018 Strategic Directions: Electric Report explores the progress made by the electric utility industry as it slowly adapts to this new power landscape.

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2019 Smart Utilities Report

As generation, transmission and distribution technologies continue to rapidly evolve, Black & Veatch’s 2019 Strategic Directions: Smart Utilities Report finds that utilities are on the cusp of their most visible transformation in more than a century. Expert analyses of a survey of hundreds of utility operators – shows that grid modernization efforts such as deploying smart devices, predictive analytics and active network management strategies can overcome the pitfalls of aging infrastructure. Along the way, such modernization also can meet rising customer demand for reliability, green energy and a lesser carbon footprint. 

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Our Strategic Directions Reports have been conducted since 2006, working to capture the industry’s viewpoint concerning ongoing issues facing our clients and business partners. In addition to graphical interpretation of survey results, our full reports provide expert analysis, recommendations and actionable intelligence for overcoming the growing challenges facing each industry.

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