By helping utilities find greener solutions, we’re moving together toward a more sustainable future. Recovering resources means reduced dependence on fossil fuels and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

With Black & Veatch’s help, many facilities are capturing biosolids energy and converting it to a marketable product. As a result, the facilities are getting the benefits of lower operational costs. We refer to the growing waste-to-energy industry as “resource recovery” rather than waste management. Anaerobic digestion is a well-established method of dealing with liquid and solid organic waste. The process generates biogas that can be used as a renewable energy source.


Fueled by our dual expertise in the water and energy areas, our teams can help water clients implement additional renewable energy strategies, including small-scale hydropower and solar approaches.

Black & Veatch also offers Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC). An ESPC or performance contract is an agreement for the scope development, design and construction of efficiency improvements. These improvements are created to deliver significant energy and operational cost savings – with performance of the improvements and their savings guaranteed. Projects are funded by reallocating the guaranteed savings to the utility’s budget, with no impact on the utility’s capital budget or rates. The excess savings can be put to work on other needs. 
In building water and wastewater infrastructure, Black & Veatch is the only energy services company (ESCO) that can perform each step – feasibility study, design-build delivery option, and monitoring and verification of performance. This means clients have a single point of responsibility for the entire project.


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