Traditionally, mining companies have built their own infrastructure at greenfield sites, but today, a trend is developing in which mining companies are seeking opportunities to share resources to save on expenses.

Integrated Infrastructure

Integrated infrastructure is becoming more common, as it takes a holistic approach that considers a long-term view. Components of integrated infrastructure can include water supply, conventional power, renewable energy, communications networks, water disposal or reuse, roads, railways and ports. We deliver Smart Integrated Infrastructure solutions using rich data sets and advanced analytics to generate optimized performance across multiple infrastructure systems.

Black & Veatch specializes in integrating the many pieces of infrastructure needed to complete a large mining project. We have a team of experts dedicated to the mining industry that can help companies develop synergies with all aspects of large projects. We are global leaders in solar and wind power, water recycling and reuse, geothermal, power delivery and microgrids.


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