Master Planning

Master Planning

We understand that the definition of “smart” is variable and unique to each community, which is why we focus on the technology that enables intelligence. We develop plans and roadmaps that outline how cities will achieve their long-term visions, including how key systems will become more integrated, efficient and resilient.

At the heart of intelligence is data, and we leverage our ASSET360 analytics platform to help cities evaluate, compare and prioritize programs. We work with city leaders and stakeholders to understand priorities, clarify trade-offs and create the right project portfolio that meets their goals and timeline at the right cost.

Our in-house expertise primes us to be a single point-of-contact during the planning process, program management and into engineering and deployment phases. Through careful planning and implementation, our projects yield a measured ROI and actionable results, which provide incentive and support to invest in additional smart projects.

Funding smart city projects can be challenging. We can form innovative revenue models, alternative financing and Public-Private Partnerships (P3) to deploy projects – often with no additional city capital or operational funds – that generate ongoing revenue streams.

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