A New Era for Transportation

Transportation is one the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. But smart transportation solutions are here. A transportation system that has changed little in the past 100 years is undergoing a massive overhaul as we improve technologies and deploy more sustainable and cost-effective ways to transport goods and people.

Black & Veatch is at the forefront of change. A leader in zero-emission vehicle infrastructure and energy storage, we’ve been involved from the earliest stages, and are currently deploying the newest technologies.

Our approach aligns in-house site acquisition, engineering, permitting and construction teams to deliver extensive charging, fueling, and communications networks that validate these transformational clean mobility solutions and technologies.

Full EPC Capability

A full engineering, permitting and construction services provider, Black & Veatch deploys systems that enable smarter ways to transport goods and people.

Electrification of Transportation

Vehicle electrification is revolutionizing the transportation industry, how we move people and goods, and our communities.

Hydrogen Filling Stations

Hydrogen fueling stations and network build-outs are critical to advance this zero-emission vehicle technology.

Smart Cities

Imagine a city that can manage all critical services—like water, electricity, and transportation—and shift focus as needs change.


Connected and autonomous vehicles bring increased safety, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and streamlined public transportation systems.

Advanced Transportation Systems

A revolution in Hyperloop transportation technology is transforming how we view the very concept of community.


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