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Managing and treating water are among the world’s most complex challenges. Black & Veatch will work with you to develop the best and most advanced ways to clean, move, control and conserve water. 


Our services help to provide safe drinking water and effective wastewater management to communities worldwide. We serve public and private clients of every size with a strong focus on life cycle economy, efficiency and reliability.

Black & Veatch offers traditional design services, as well as alternative delivery methods such as design-build/EPC. We find innovative solutions to protect water at its source, treat it to the highest standards, and deliver it to homes and businesses. Then we design and build the collection and wastewater treatment systems that mean the water can be safely reintroduced back into the environment. We often design systems that convert waste to energy or create biogas that can be used in facility operations.

Water Markets

Black & Veatch-delivered systems protect the environment and conserve precious water supply. We deliver solutions that preserve and protect groundwater and watersheds, provide effective flood control, and manage storm drainage. Helping clients make wise use of water resources, we implement systems for water reuse and desalination as well as those to help harness renewable energy and valuable resources.

Our clients get the benefit of advisors who use proven methods, industry best practices and advanced analytical models to help clients optimize asset performance.  We support our clients through their whole asset lifecycle.  A “line of sight” is important in asset management and our service offerings. With a focus on data, Black & Veatch helps to drive a coordinated effort in realizing value across our clients’ organizations.


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