Global Citizenship

Helping communities meet needs.

Global Citizenship

Since its inception in 1915, the company has lived by the value of stewardship. We continue today to recognize this Core Value in all that the company does, not just focused on designing and constructing the best infrastructure for our clients, but also on enriching the communities in which we work and live. 


With 11,000 professionals and 110 offices, covering six continents, our sense of stewardship to communities is global in reach.

We help these communities by meeting the needs of the present generation while improving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  

We strive to do this in three areas: PeoplePlanet and Prosperity

These three areas are underpinned by the Black & Veatch Foundation, which coordinates our professionals’ charitable involvement in, and donations to, organizations and programs worldwide.  See also how we’re working to track and improve our carbon emissions footprint here.


We have several initiatives to help our professionals, and the local leaders, and talent we hire to execute major projects, to be safe and healthy, both at work and beyond.

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Our sustainable projects meld economic, community and environmental needs and span many sectors.  We also respect water as an essential resource, protecting it through our Water Infrastructure work and our involvement with Ocean Conservancy.

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Enriching the communities also means helping build prosperity in those communities, both through personal and economic growth. Black & Veatch seeks to improve the skills of individuals, create jobs and grow the economies of the communities we work in across the world.

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Practicing and Testing Sustainable Solutions

Black & Veatch Microgrid

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By installing and managing our own microgrid in our World Headquarters, Black & Veatch professionals are able to evaluate the latest energy technologies and resources as part of its ongoing operation. This means the company’s energy experts can more effectively serve clients who plan to install these advanced systems. As an added benefit, Black & Veatch is reducing its energy costs while providing its engineers with hands-on experience with these innovative technologies.