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One Digital World eBook

It won’t be long before success is measured by how well an industry or community system applies digital innovation. This eBook delivers expert perspectives on how leaders are using advanced communications to fast-track their connected future and capture the value of 5G & IoT innovation in our communities, across highways and mobility systems, in our workforces, and on our electric grid.

Through connectivity, better use of data, and a growing world of internet of things (IoT) technologies, industries, businesses, and communities are accelerating their connected future. They are deploying advanced communications networks that support limitless innovation, and help them endure disruption from modern market pressures, such as new market entrants and business models, as well as from unpredictable events like global pandemics. With a flexible, resilient communications foundation, leaders can do more with less and work in new ways to reach their envisioned future state.



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