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Butler Water Reclamation Facility
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Peoria, Arizona
Peoria, Arizona

Innovative Water Facility Designed to Reclaim its Wastewater, Converting it into Renewable Water Supplies

With a total project cost of almost $135 million, the Butler Drive Water Reclamation Facility incorporates advanced membrane bioreactor technology in its design. This facility allows the city to reclaim its wastewater as a renewable water supply via aquifer recharge or direct reuse. This helps to secure future water resources needed for city growth.

Sustainability was the driving factor for the facility – the largest capital improvement initiative in Peoria’s history. The city evaluated its options for long-term wastewater treatment in combination with its need for sustainable water planning. Water is a precious resource, especially in Arizona. Therefore, the city concluded that building its own wastewater treatment facility to retain water credits was necessary to sustain the city’s economic development.


Blending In

Black & Veatch’s thought leaders in global water issues addressed Peoria’s site-specific challenges through consulting, planning and design services. The facility’s design blends beautifully with the surrounding area, with much of the plant built below ground level and bordered on all sides by a landscaped buffer. In addition, it consists of low-profile compact structures that are architecturally compatible with their surroundings. Another key feature is the enclosure of all major process units to confine odors, which is combined with a state-of-the-art odor control technology.

By recharging the aquifer, the city earns water credits, which means that Peoria can extract the equivalent amount of water from the aquifer to meet future water needs. With the simple addition of several membrane cassettes and some equipment upgrades, the facility will be able to treat 13 million gallons daily.

This facility allows the city to reclaim its wastewater as a renewable water supply via aquifer recharge.


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