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Claus Sulfur Recovery Units and Tail-Gas Treating Units
Project Name
Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)
Orissa, India

New Sulfur Recovery Facilities Will Help Meet 99.9 Percent Removal Requirements

Black & Veatch was selected to provide process technology and the basic engineering design package for the sulfur recovery portion of the grass roots Eastern India Refinery Project planned by IOCL. The new sulfur recovery facilities consisted of three Claus Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs), each with a capacity of 525 mtpd, followed by 2x1050 mtpd Tail-Gas Treating Units.

The sulfur recovery complex is designed using Black & Veatch’s two-bed Claus and Tail-Gas Treating technologies. Overall, sulfur recovery is guaranteed at 99.9 percent minimum under the full range of expected operating conditions. The new SRUs process amine acid gas and ammonia bearing SWS (sour water stripping) acid gas from conventional refinery systems. Degassing technology is also included to reduce total H2S (hydrogen sulfide) content in the molten sulfur to less than 10 ppmw. This represents the third IOCL refinery that uses Black & Veatch’s leading sulfur technology in India.