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Banjarsari - 2 x 135 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant
Project Name
PT Bukit Pembangkit Innovative (PT BPI)
Lahat, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Partnership and Quality Control at Heart of Sumatran Power Project in Indonesia

Working effectively across teams is a skill often overlooked, particularly at the outset of a complex project. The same power plant could be built by the same developer and contractors working off the same blueprint in two similar locations. Yet, two different teams can return two very different results.

Global economics and financial pressures have had a major impact on project execution. The financing, design and building of many power plants today involves multiple global players and partnerships. It calls for collaboration and teamwork that go beyond traditional organizational boundaries and responsibilities. 

The Banjarsari coal-fired thermal power plant (2 x 135 MW) is a good example of a project with a strong partnership approach. Nearing completion, the project is on schedule to deliver reliable electric power facility for the people of South Sumatra in Indonesia. The two power plant units are being built by the China National Electric Equipment Corporation for PT Bukit Pembangkit Innovative (PT BPI). 

Attention was paid to quality control. Using a combination of local resources as well as expertise based in China and the United States, Black & Veatch was able to provide project management support that kept all parties on track. Black & Veatch conducted regular on-site factory equipment inspection and testing to ensure all equipment met international standards and codes. Resolving differences between Chinese and international engineering standards requires special knowledge and focus.

As the Owner’s Engineer, the team also provided basic and detailed design review as well as construction and commissioning management support.  

“Black & Veatch, with its extensive experience of Chinese design, vendors and equipment, provided valuable support in getting the project executed on time and with quality,” said Ochairialdy, Product and Commerce Director, PT BPI. “Black & Veatch’s overall influence on the project was very positive, and it was also acknowledged by the Chinese contractor.”

The Banjarsari plant is located at a mine mouth near Lahat. It features a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler, and river water is used for the make-up of steam cycle cooling. As part of the project, a 24- kilometer transmission line was constructed, and an existing substation was modified by local contractor, PT Citacontrac.